Tom Brady To Design His Own Aston Martin In New Endorsement Deal

New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, has just signed a multiyear endorsement deal with upscale British car manufacturer, Aston Martin.   Tom Brady will be driving and pitching the DB11, a car that comes with a hefty retail price of $211,995. That’s not all that comes with Brady’s new deal, however. The …

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Obsessed Kylie Jenner Fan Arrested For Murder

-blogged by @miss_binky Living your entire life in the spotlight has its perks, but it can also come attached with some scary situations; take Kylie Jenner for example. In 2015, an obsessed fan attempted to get on her property multiple times, even ramming his car through the security gate. The …

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Steve Harvey’s Second Ex-Wife Suing Because He Damaged Her Soul

Mary Harvey, Steve Harvey’s second wife, is suing the “The Like A Man” author for $60 million because she says he “damaged her soul.”   Steve and Mary got divorced in 2005, and since then, Mary has been feeling the effects of their split. According to court docs, she’s been suicidal and …

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Ballerific Couples: Jay Z & Beyonce Are Worth A Billion Bucks

It’s official! Thanks to Jay Z’s new 10-year, $200 million deal with Live Nation, The Carters are now a billion dollar couple.   Beyonce, who was named one of Forbes’ richest self-made women, is worth $350 million. She credits her net worth to her work ethic. “I’m never satisfied,” she once …

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Alan Thicke’s Sons Go to War with His Wife Over Estate

  On Tuesday, Robin Thicke and his brother Brennan filed a petition against their father’s third wife over the actor’s estate.   Back in December,  Alan Thicke passed away at the age of 69, after his aorta ruptured while playing hockey with his other son, Carter. While Thicke’s passing has …

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How to Get Your Groove Back: Do’s and Don’ts of Dating


Some relationships don’t last forever and dealing with a break up could be hard. But, the best ways to cope with heartbreak and get over ex is to get up under someone else. However, it is not that easy to just jump back into the dating scene without mentally preparing …

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Ballerific Lifestyle: How to Budget Finances While In College


As high school graduation approaches, it is time for seniors to think about life outside of their parent’s home. There are many freshmen that enter college and do not have a clue about budgeting. As you prepare for college in the fall, make sure that you have a plan. I wish someone …

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