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11 Ballerfic MIstakes In 2011

I’m here to bring you 11 crazy events that took place this year that mad a baller or ballers look crazy. I hope that these people don’t make these same mistakes in the New Year. Not only them I hope that you don’t make the same mistakes in the New Year. I know that there were lots of things that happen this years, here are 11 that I thought were the craziest and you will to. 

  • Kim K  & Kris Humphries Divorce

 A marriage that lasted 72 days I’ve never seen anything thing this ratchet in a long time. From the beginning everyone even Ray Charles knew that Kim was not marriage material and that this wouldn’t last. This was nothing but a money scheme for the Kardashians, how could Kim marry somebody that only makes about 2 million. Kim Kardashian is a material girl and he can’t fulfill that. These to make this list because of their ratchet idea of trying to make people think this could actually work, and that you can turn a hoe into a housewife. 

  • Real Housewives Of Atlanta 

  Speaking of housewives we must not forget about these very RICH women of Atlanta. This season of Real Housewives has really been crazy already and we’re only a couple of episodes in. Ms.NeNe Leaks has become too rich for me. Since she was on celebrity apprentice from paying cash for 08’ Chargers to getting her teeth fixed. Sister Sheree and her child support issues with Bob , if  you waited four years to take me to court I might not want to pay you anything either. If you can strut around Atlanta with thousand dollar hand bags and a brand new Porsche I would think you’re doing pretty well. And last but not least when can’t forget about Peter and Cynthia and all of their foulness, she has let Peter come and make a foul out her another season. He is still going around flirting with NeNe right in Cynthia’s face, and going off on her sister. I have no idea what she is going to do with PaPa Smurf but whatever she need to do it fast. These women make this list because they have forgotten who they were this year I’m going to need them to go back to the first season and look at their selves.

  • Basketball Wives: LA 

If I have never seen a group of untamed animals I mean women on television I have now, Vh1 taking BasketballWives to LA could have been one of the best things. Why? It makes the women of Miami look like the Oprahs of Basketballwives. It will make you forget about Tami slapping the Hell out of Meeka, and Evelyn cussing Meeka out at the reunion. LA introduced us to six uniquely different women that didn’t like the poor stripper girl in the beginning  and then turned to not like their fellow comrade the cokie one. All of these women make this list because they made a huge mistake showcasing who they really were they should have pretend because people still didn’t like them.   

  • Chrissy & Kimbella Fight 

Doing this list I realized that reality television has really taken over this year, back with another season Love & Hip Hop it started it’s first episode with an unforgettable show down between Kimbella (Juelz Santana Babymother) and Chrissy (Jim Jones fiancé). This beat down was so crazy to me, it all happen so fast all I can remember is Kimbella getting knocked down to the ground. Another crazy thing about this fight was that it had nothing to do with Chrissy, she was taking up for her friend Emily (Fabulous Babymother) after Kimbella gave her some bad news. These to made this list because, how are your men going to be bestfriends and rap together and you’ll don’t know each other. IMPOSSIBLE!

  • Mama Jones Psychotic B*tch!

I don’t talk about peoples mamas that is something that I don’t condone, but Nancy Jones it hard to do this. In the summer when I saw mama Jones video on WorldStarHipHop I was thrown for a loop. I couldn’t believe someone’s mother would have such bad things to say about someone that their son is in love with. Then she comes out with T-shirts with the word Psychotic B*tch on them, cherry cola wrap took it over board. I love her hustle though she making money and fame off something she felt strongly about. Even though she still makes this list because she could have googled the word to see if it was spelled right.

  • Lil Wayne Wearing Jeggings

I love Lil Wayne I’m a huge fan of him and just about all of YMCMB. I knew that there was something a little wrong with him but after the VMA’s I found out that it was a lot wrong with him. Who in the world would put on a pair of jegging to perform at the VMA’s.  For people that don’t know what jeggings are and wondering why I’m making a big deal about it, they’re women jeans. Some may say that it’s not a big deal for men to wear women clothes in this day and age. That is very true if you were gay but we know that all of the women Lil Wayne has been with that he is not gay. He makes this list, well not only him but whoever his stylist is and whoever told him “Yeah Bro” go ahead out there with them on.

  • Lil Webbie Begin Banded From 106 & Park
Personally I was surprised at this news, number one when I heard this my first question was why in the world was he on 106 & Park. In 2011 what is Lil Webbies relevance to music I haven’t heard from him since I Don’t Love Her by Gucci Mane. My next thought was what could he had said or done to be banned from the show?  When I heard that it involved Rosci, I wasn’t surprised at all. She claims that Webbie sexually harassed her, I don’t believe that why him all the flirting that she does with all the men that come on that show I know somebody has done something to her. Webbie makes this list because boo we haven’t heard from you in forever and your chance to redeem yourself you mess it up.
  • Amber Rose Breaking Up With Kanye For Wiz Khalifa

Now her and Wiz are an odd couple but for some reason they look  cute together to me. Even though they seem to truly be in love with one another and no one can break that up (Natalie Nunn), she did a major down grade. I really like Amber Rose she pretty and she has a lot of hustle in her and I respect that. She went from dating one of HipHops most establish, outrage and courage’s artist (Kanye West)  to dating Wiz. I like Wiz a lot but never in a million years would I have gone from sitting front row at fashion week to back stage at a concert in Pittsburgh.  Amber Rose makes this list simply because I feel she has done one of the worst downgrades. 

  • Justin Bieber Babymama Drama 

One of my favorite teen sensations I love his music I couldn’t believe this horrible slander that was put on him. What horrible woman would make up a story about having a baby with a teenager. I know that it is a recession but I didn’t know that it had gotten this bad that people would lie like this to get money. I know that this sounds like I should be nominating the woman who made this story up. No Justin makes the list because why in the world is he pulling old woman backstage at the Staple Center. If this would have been a teenage girl I wouldn’t have been so heart broken. 

  • Vanessa & Kobe Byrant Divorce

I must start off by saying that I give this woman a round of applause, she is the definition of a Basketball Wife. She has put up with some real bullshit from this man anytime you know your husband has cheated on him and you still stay I give you props. Even though  some people might have thought that she was stupid she was very intelligent. Marrying him and cali and staying around for ten years equal half of everything. Even though she was smart Kobe was dumb as ever why in the world would he think that she was stay after all she has done to him. Supposedly cheating on her with 105 women that right there tells you why he made this list.  

  • Ray J &  Fabulous 

My favorite moment to look back at this years is the fight between Ray J & Fabulous. Ray J has completely lost his mind he has forgot that he is Brandy’s little brother. Since he has start hanging around Floyd Mayweather he has official cast his self as a member of The Money team. He has told everybody that he has seven Rolls Royces indoor pool and an outdoor pool, indoor basketball court and outdoor basketball court. Ray J claims that he punched Fab in the face and Fab didn’t do anything. That sounds very unbelievable to because I know any nigga from the streets would not take that. All of this is the reason why they made number one on my list.  

Now that we know 11 crazy events in 2011 lets get ready to see what these people will bring us in 2012. If you feel that there are some event that were worst than these leave your comments. 

Happy New Years!!

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