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6 Tips for Surviving Depression During the Holidays


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The holidays can bring different emotions to light for each of us. While we’ll see pictures posted of joyful times all over social media, magazines, and television, it’s not always a joyous season for everyone.   Yes, some people are looking forward to spending time with family, while others are stressing over forced conversations, unpredictable outbursts, and random arguments with loved ones that they avoided all year.


Of course, no family is perfect, but we have to ensure that we remain in a safe and comfortable place while integrating the holidays and family time.  Be sure to avoid the common triggers that may take you to a different place.  Feeling down because of the loss of a loved one or simply being alone can  easily make you depressed. Here are six tips that will help you make it through the holiday season without becoming depressed.


1. Don’t Set Unrealistic Expectations– Some people don’t change. Be sure not to expect anything from anyone but remain pleasant and comfortable with the position that you have taken in the past. Seeking approval from people who don’t understand you won’t help the situation, it will only worsen it.

2. Spend Time with Close Friends– You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends. Spending time with people who genuinely love and accept will make the holidays much easier to tolerate. Go where the love is and where you are loved most. Don’t focus on things or people  you can’t change.

3. Stay Away from Social Media– Social media might bring up some unwanted emotions and feelings. It’s completely normal for people to post pictures of them enjoying the holiday season and the joy that it brings, but it might make you feel some way. Log off for the day if you’re not feeling it.

4. Practice Self-Care– Do something for yourself! Whether it is going on a shopping spree, getting well-needed rest, working on your craft or setting future goals. Those positive steps will reassure you and help you to be hopeful about what’s to come.

 5. Create Your Own Traditions– Traditions can be outdated, or maybe you      grew up not really having any, so now’s the chance to create your own. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. As long as it makes you happy and sets you free, create  new traditions in  your life.

6.Seek Professional Help– Some of us are carrying the weight of the world on on shoulders, and we don’t even know it. Why it may look like we have it all together, most of us don’t. Seeking professional guidance is another way to get clarity on your feelings and emotions before they spiral out of control. There’s nothing wrong with speaking your truth, we all deserve it.

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