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8 Ways To Help Your Woman Climax; What Are Some Ways You Help Your Woman Reach Her Peak?

Can you believe that some women have a hard time reaching their peak? According to Planned Parenthood, 1 in 3 women have trouble having an orgasm during sex.

Many women have trouble reaching their peak due to not knowing their bodies. Knowing your body consist of masturbating. Learn what turns you on, so that you can share it with your mate.

Men have to understand that orgasms can’t be forced. The more pressure you put on her to cum, the less likely it is to happen. Take things slow, learn techniques, experiment with them and find what works. If you start getting frustrated when you aren’t seeing results, it will show, and unfortunately make it even harder. Sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyable – as soon as you focus on just making her cum, it takes away the pleasure!

If you are looking into different ways to make your mate reach her peak, we’ve compiled a list of 8 ways to help her climax.


The Grind– During Intercourse, you want to increase the pressure exerted on the woman’s clitoris. This can be accomplished by rotating your hips just like when you are “grinding” on a dance floor. Try to really push against the front of her groin with the area just above the penis. Rocking back and forth or side to side is a really good way of getting started.


Rule of Thumb– With the woman sitting on top, the man should lie flat on his back, pelvis tilted upward, and stomach muscles tightened. You want to arch your hips upwards to improve the quality of “the Grind”; this can be achieved easily by putting a pillow under the man’s bum. He then should put his hand over the woman’s pubic region, and place his thumb on the woman’s clitoris. While the woman is riding her partner, he can simultaneously stimulate her clitoris.


T Position– With the woman lying on her back, the man should lie perpendicularly (i.e., at a right angle to her, thus forming the ‘T’), while straddling the woman’s far leg. Depending on the woman’s flexibility, this can be a great position for deep penetration, while exposing the clitoris for manual stimulation. This double stimulation is very gratifying and can often lead to the big “O” really quickly.


The Maximizer– The woman lies on her back, legs tightly held together. The man lies on top or stands/kneels, in front. Instead of being directly in line with her, the man should be at a slight diagonal. Both of her legs should be over one shoulder, or on one side, of his body; he should begin penetration. This position is designed to maximize female clitoral stimulation and is easiest to perform with the man standing or kneeling (i.e. the woman should have her legs hanging off a counter, couch or bed).


Using Sex Toys– Sex toys can be used in virtually any sexual position, and thanks to the creative people who design toys, if you can think of a toy, chances are it’s already made.


Vibrating Clitoral Suckers– This class of products works as follows: put the cup part of the toy over the clitoral area, squeeze the pump a couple times to build up some suction, then turn on the vibrating egg, which is generally attached to the cup. The suction is great because it draws more blood to the clitoris, making it more sensitive, as well as it keeps the toy hands free. It can be used during intercourse to add incredible sensations, but some varieties may prove a little bulky for some positions.


Regular Vibrators– For those of you who are looking for something with a little more functionality, we recommend getting a regular vibrator. The can be held in place during intercourse to stimulate whatever you want, they can be inserted anally, and can be used on their own as well. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and purposes.


Vibrating Cock Rings– This class of products is ingenious! The toy is basically a ring with one or more vibrating eggs attached. Simply slide it down the shaft of the penis, turn on the vibrating eggs, and voila, super pleasure for both parties.

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