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A GROUPIE FAILS: Ali Lohan misses grandfather’s funeral to get hair extentions put in!

Can you believe how vain this chick must be to do such a thing?

Ali gets a kiss from famous older sis Lindsey Lohan…

Ali with her mama…

When her grandfather died recently, Lindsey Lohan wasn’t the only one that didn’t show up at the burial service. I can understand her being absent avoid more drama with her estranged father, but Ali on the other hand has no beef with her dad. Still didn’t stop her from not attending for her own more frivilous reasons:

But, one person who was also not there was Ali Lohan. Not caught up in a huge squabble with her dad, one wonders what her excuse was for not showing up. Well according to Fox, the reason Ali didn’t show up at the funeral was because she didn’t have time to get her hair extensions done the day before and didn’t want anyone to see what horrible hair she has.

Ummm. I guess we can congratulate her for telling the truth instead of making up some kind of in bed with the flu story. Can you even comprehend how shallow someone must be that they would not attend the funeral of their grandfather because they didn’t have time to get hair extensions? What the hell has this world come to? How vain can a kid get? I’m sure it was a horrific drama for her, but don’t you think that the parent she currently lives with would have at least acted like a parent and told her to get the f**k to the funeral? Yeah, well the mother of the year obviously didn’t do that because she was probably more concerned with how the look would affect her future commissions. She has to make a living after all, and she only has so many kids.
[From Crazy Days and Nights]

This is just ridiculous…how spoiled can you get to miss ya granddaddy’s funeral cos of a hair do? Her hair ain’t even that hot anyway, she could have just put a hat on with a veil and stay away from the front of the church if she didn’t want to be seen with bad hair. Smh!

I really wanna blame the mama….


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