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Bow Wow Sticks Up For Lil Tay’s Flexing Gone Wrong

BowWow says that we need to cut Instagram flexer, Lil Tay, some slack. When her mother’s boss announced that most of the houses, cars, and money she was caught red-handed flexing with were not hers, social media immediately went in on her. They talked about her so much that it …

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Carolina Panthers To Be Sold For $2.2 Billion

  The Carolina Panthers will be sold for a record-breaking $2.2 billion to billionaire hedge fund owner, David A. Tepper.  According to the NY Times, the sale price was confirmed by two people with knowledge of the deal.   Though it still has to be approved by at least three-quarters …

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Genealogist Proves Tomi Lahren’s Immigration Comments Hypocritical; Her Ancestors “had been here for 18 years… had not become a citizen… could not read, write, or speak English.”

Tomi Lahren took to Jesse Watters’ Saturday night show to discuss how she felt about immigrants who come into the U.S. with what she describes as “low skills, low education,” and “not understanding the language.”   She went on to say, “You don’t just come into this country… because someone …

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The Kennedy Center Revokes 2 Bill Cosby Honors; The “Kennedy Center Honor” And The “Mark Twain Prize For American Humor”

Bill Cosby’s unfortunate demise following last month’s conviction on three counts of aggravated indecent assault is getting deeper and deeper.  Just days after the “Cosby Show” star was expelled from the motion-picture academy, and Yale revoked his 2003 honorary degree, The Kennedy Center has rescinded the two major awards that it …

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Amazon Renews NFL Streaming Deal Worth $130 Million

blogged by: @DexOcean On Thursday, Amazon and the NFL announced a deal that will allow the online company to stream Thursday Night Football games for the next two seasons. According to ESPN.com, the two-year deal is worth roughly $130 million, which means Amazon will be paying about $65 million per …

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