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Well not all of them are bad ballers..but they did get in trouble with the law. Some were locked up for smacking a ithcbay..and some were locked up for trespassing. I was searching The Smoking Gun and came across a lot of ballers mug shots. Check out why some of these ballers were locked up:

The above mug shot is Carmelo…he has a look like a thug. lol

NBA player Carmelo Anthony was arrested for drunk driving. He was pulled over after police saw his Benz weaving. He failed sobriety tests and was locked up. Drunk driving is serious but I’m sure Carmelo can hire a driver now when he has had a few drinks..better yet get one of those male groupies to drive you home.

NBA player Allen Iverson surrendered to the police in 2002 on gun and assault charges. They were dropped though..but ladies now you know that Allen will slap an itchbay and put you out the house naked. I still love me some Allen though..LOL

Former NBA star Charles Barkley was arrested in Dec 08 for drunk driving. He failed sobriety tests and was mumbling about how he was rushing to get some head. Even though Charles is a former NBA player..I know he has money for car service.

Ex NBA player Charles Oakley was arrested in Dec 07 in Georgia after cops saw him driving erratically. Even thought his blood alcohol level was below the state legal limited they charged him with impaired driving.

Say Cheese..NFL player Dion Saunders was arrested in June of 1996 for some stupid ish. He was charged for misdemeanor trespassing. He was charged with fishing on a lake owned by the Southwest International Airport. He ignored the no trespassing and no fishing signs. LMAO That was a dumb dumb move Dion…

Ladies after reading the charges would you still mess with any of these men?


Part 2 coming soon…

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