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Baller Alert Radio: The Culture Deserves It – Episode 3 Recap


Baller Alert radio kicked off its third episode with an introduction to your lifestyle specialist, Kenny Burns, Ferrari Simmons and your favorite Ethiopian, Su Solo.

The hosts jumped right into the hottest events that took place over the weekend, from the VMAs to the highly anticipated Fight of the Century between the greatest boxer of our time, Floyd “Money” Mayweather and MMA Champion Conor McGregor.

In case you missed it, Burns listed the biggest winners of the Video Music Awards. The event went down live in Los Angeles, with performances by Kendrick Lamar, Logic, Fifth Harmony and Gucci Mane. Khalid won the award for Best New Artist; Lil Uzi Vert won the award for Song of the Summer; Ed Sheeran took home the award for Artist of the Year, with K-Dot bringing home the award for Video of the Year for “Humble.”

Next, the hosts divulged about the fight that left Mayweather with the best boxing record ever, 50-0. The Pretty Boy won by TKO after going 10 rounds with the MMA champion-turned-boxer. Although, Mayweather came out victorious at the age of 40, many believed McGregor held his own against the best ever.

As the hosts jumped into the current events, they opened about the catastrophic hurricane that hit Texas. After Donald Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio and implemented the transgender military ban, he wished good luck to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The host warned to stay woke, as the celebrity-in-chief continues to move in silence amid the catastrophes.

The episode then took a turn to Baller Alert’s favorite, Baller Mail. The topic for this week touched on a very relatable situation, such as side chicks. The love doctor broke down the situation, saying that a side chick is not the only person dipping and dodging in another woman’s home. Ferrari said the side dude has been around for while, so the situation should be discussed on both ends. Although side chicks get a bad rep, a lot of the times the person in the relationship is at fault.

What do you think about the side situation? Who is at fault? If you don’t know that your “man” has a relationship with another woman, are you the side chick?

Su Solo then went on to comment creepin, this week’s topic was about Nicki Minaj’s verse on “No Flag.” A fan defended Nicki’s verse, saying the verse was not about Cardi B, to which Nicki responded saying she wrote the verse months ago.

Do you think the verse was about Cardi B?

Whether or not the verse is about Cardi B, Burns ended the podcast on a brighter note, saying “to be something or somebody you don’t have to knock anybody else down. Your superpowers are your own. You don’t have to put people down to get ahead, making people feel less than for your own personal satisfaction or gain. It’s just not that serious. Life is too short.”

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