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Baller Alert! So, You Want to Meet A Baller?


Ladies, how often do you find yourself all googly-eyed over the seemingly unattainable ballers on the basketball court or the football field. While, you admire your favorite ballers from a distance, all the groupies are plotting to snatch one of them up. So, instead of looking on from a far, you need to get up, grab your girls and go get you a baller. But, it’s not that easy. There are rules. So, take notes.

We all know that it is rare to find your favorite baller in your local grocery store, so, where do ballers go?

During the off-season, you can catch a few ballers out and about, enjoying the nightlife. Most times, you can figure out where your favorite baller will be partying for the night via an Instagram ad or flyer. However, you are not the only one with that access. Which means, there will be hundreds of groupies at the spot, looking to score with your favorite baller. So, my suggestion is to steer completely clear of these parties, unless of course, you’re VIP.

On the weekends, clubs are packed with groupies on the prowl, both men and women alike. Additionally, the general admission area is the absolute worst. It’s sweaty, it’s sticky and not to mention, it stinks. Therefore, it is nowhere for you to be if you’re looking to meet a baller. Step your game up!

If you’re a lady boss, you can buy your own bottles to snag a VIP section, for you and your girls to enjoy. Or, you can team up with a promoter and hang in their section. While, the VIP section is closed off the the general admission, there is still no guarantee that you’ll meet your match. So, I’d say, your best bet is to avoid these parties all together.

Apparently, the best time to meet ballers is during the week. Weekday parties are less crowded and more intimate. While, I’m sure most of you have jobs, it’s not every day that you meet a baller. So, it’ll take sacrifice, an extra cup of coffee or three, and a little less sleep.

Since both the NFL and the NBA are in progress, you’ll have to pay close attention to the team game schedules, in order to figure out whether or not your favorite baller will hit the town for the night. For example, being that NFL games are always on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays, there’s a possibility that your favorite baller will head out the night after a game (especially if they win). Same for the NBA ballers, depending on their schedule. If the team in your city plays on Monday night, they will most likely go out the same night, if they win.

So, let’s say, you find yourself out on a Tuesday night in Cleveland, Ohio. The Cavaliers just won their 4th game of the season, so they decide to head out as well. Luckily, the clubs are lounges in the city aren’t as packed as they usually are. So, you’re spotted. Your favorite baller walks up to you, how do you react?

Now, this is the most important part. It is imperative to keep cool. Don’t be too cold or too pushy. Act natural, but not thirsty. Be yourself. Ballers are normal people too, act like it.


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