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Baller Alert’s Top 10 Bad & Boujee Ladies In Black Television

The Migos’ hit song, “Bad & Boujee,” is blowing up the charts and they have everyone wanting to associate themselves with the bourgeoisie. However, before the Migos shined a spotlight on the “boujee” girls, there were 10 fab ladies on television that embodied the term effortlessly.


Check out Baller Alert’s Top 10 Bad & Boujee Ladies In Black Television (in no particular order):


1. Hilary Banks (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) – When I think of television’s quintessential “boujee” girl, the first name to come to mind is Hilary Banks. She was rich, she was high maintenance and she was beautiful. She liked the finer things in life and did not waiver in her expensive taste. As uppity as she seemed, however, she was always a favorite amongst Fresh Prince fans. Maybe it’s the fact that her ditziness projected a bit of innocence. You couldn’t help but to love her.


2. Regine Hunter (Living Single) – Regine had class and all the men wanted her. She was the epitome of all things bad & boujee. Unlike our girl Hilary though, Regine had champagne taste with a wine cooler budget. Working as a boutique buyer, the ever so fashionable Regine lived with multiple room mates in one home. Her wig game was impeccable so you can’t even fault her for saving her coins.


3. Lisa Turtle (Saved By The Bell) – Lisa was the teenage bad & boujee queen. She came from money and she looked like money. If you weren’t the hottest of the hot, she wasn’t giving you the time of day. She turned down Screech more times than one can count. Literally the sole black girl in her school, Lisa Turtle was every young black girl’s role model.


4. Tasha Mack (The Game) – Let’s talk about more recent, more seasoned, bad & boujee women of TV. Tasha Mack was the mother everybody wanted and the woman every man wish he had. She was fine as wine, held her own & had a tongue sharp as a tack. Most of all she was a Lion that would do anything necessary to protect her cub. That alone made her bad. The boujee part was just an added bonus.


5. Toni Childs (Girlfriends) – Toni Childs is another bad & boujee sitcom star. Toni came from humble beginnings, growing up in a poor family. However, as a successful real estate agent, everything changed. Toni became more stylish, more sexy, pickier, dare we say it — more bad and more boujee? She was a prime example that being bad and boujee wasn’t a birth right. It was a lifestyle.


6. Whitley Gilbert (A Different World) – Before there was Hilary Banks, before there was Lisa Turtle, there was the southern belle Whitley Gilbert.  Whitley isn’t boujee, she’s bougie. She was prissy, snobbish, and at first, wasn’t well liked. She softened up after finding love and instantly became a favorite. Like the other bad & boujee women listed, her good looks weren’t all she had to offer. She was incredibly smart. I mean, you had to be to attend Hillman.


7. Francesca “Fancy” Monroe (The Jamie Foxx Show) – Fancy was more bad than she was boujee. She was so bad she had Jamie doing the unimaginable episode after episode. Besides being the finest woman that ever graced the King’s Tower, Fancy was kind hearted, reasonable and intelligent. If you’re going to be bad and boujee, Fancy was the one to model yourself by.


8. Sandra Clark (227) – Sandra is that vintage bad & boujee that your mother probably modeled herself after back in the day. Sandra was the original Hilary Banks. She was dressed to the nines, her hair was flawless, her nails and makeup was always perfect and she had the attitude to match. If there was one thing Sandra loved more than looking good, it was a good looking MAN! Sandra was a man eater and a sucker for romance. She was also unintentionally hilarious. Sometimes her ignorance was her innocence. All in all, she meant well. You just had to love Sandra!


9. Molly Carter (Insecure) – Molly Carter is Toni Childs reincarnate. Like Toni, she came from humble beginnings, growing into her “boujee” by way of a successful career. She’s beautiful, she makes good money and she doesn’t settle for any man that does not fit her very particular checklist. Sure, it’s made it hard for her to settle down but every bad & boujee girl knows, you gotta keep your heels high and your standards higher.


10. Anika Calhoun (Empire) – Anika is a no nonsense woman that will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. She’s the dark and evil side of the bad & boujee. She dresses well, speaks well and she came from money so only dates the bossiest of the bosses.  If crossed, she’ll murder you — literally. She’s bad, very bad, in every sense of the word.

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  1. Somebody messed up big time!!!! Where the hell is Clair Huxtable on this list ???….

  2. I was a very young child in the nineties so when I think of bad and bougie Lisa and Hilary definitely come to mind. They were my vintage bad and bougie. Toni child’s is next. Now that I’m in my twenties Anika is my favorite. Lol I love this list.

  3. This would’ve been cool if you thought of it first. Could’ve at least given credit where it’s due.

  4. Y’all could’ve left that Empire b!tch off the list that show is just bad, that show started off good by throwing that lil’ g@y a$$ ni99a in the trash can, that sh!t was lit but after that it was just the father getting p!ssed off at a different son every week but after that episode where they had a crazy white man running around sucking random d!cks on balconies and sh!t I just had to stop.

  5. This was a great, even better when I read it the first time from Blacity’s Tyler Mycale! She gave us 15 Bad and Boujee TV characters.

  6. Blavity’s*

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