Henry Polanco, a New York native, pursued his Education by attending New York City Technical CUNY. While attending college and working in various retail stores (Jimmy Jazz, Armani Exchange, Victoria Secret, Gucci & Kenneth Cole)and participating in various industry events, Henry realized that he wanted to use his skill set in a different capacity…The Entertainment Industry.

During his second year he began looking into possible internships in film, television, or music, with music being his goal. He landed a small roll in the Spike Lee film “Summer of Sam” and worked on “15 Minutes” with Robert Dinero. It is when Henry was invited to an industry function (Bad Boy M.S. Walk Party) where he met June Balloon (Streets and club team), after a brief meeting with him Henry left his day job and started on the street team. His day to day was being in the streets promoting current albums, still hadn’t secured a spot in the music industry, however he still felt he made the right decision to turn down numerous job offers.

After a brief stint on the street-team he was offered an unpaid internship at Bad Boy Entertainment, which he used to gain more knowledge of the industry. He became dedicated and focused only on the music industry working the clubs (getting music to DJ’s & Mix-tape DJ’s); trying to learn as much as possible from anyone who would give him a minute. Through his dedication he was able to secure a part time job with Bad Boy Records as a Club coordinator.

Soon after, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs saw the potential in Henry and appointed him Mix-Show & Club Coordinator. Mr. Combs kept a watchful eye on Henry as he worked to create the buzz and radio story all of our records needed. It became very obvious that Henry would become a strong asset to the music industry; thus, Mr. Combs wanted Henry working more on radio and building his relations at the National level as well
closely with Bad Boy artists and moved him into the office still as Mix-Show & Club Coordinator.

After 5 months on the job, he was promoted to National Director of MixShow & Club Promotions and is now responsible for the careers of numerous artists on the Bad Boy Roster. His responsibilities include Talking to every Mix show DJs on a daily basis, getting music to all stations, creating a story and making sure every MD & PD in the country knows it, creative promotions direction, and molding the artist into Promo Superstars.

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