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Baller Mail: “My Boyfriend Has A New Female Friend That Keeps Him Out All Night and Sends Him Naked Pics. They Say Nothing Is Going On But She Knows All Of Our Business. What Do I Do?”

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Baller Mail…Message!⠀⠀⠀⠀

“Hello, I don’t want to be identified. But i have a real life stressful situation and i need help. My boyfriend and i have been together for 6 years and we have 2 kids together. He has a pattern of cheating. But promised me changes. Most recently (about 3 months ago) he befriended a new chick, she told me they are just friends and it’s nothing going on but every time they go out together he never comes back home. Then she gives him money, (large amounts) and i went thru his phone and found half naked pics of her and “i miss you” text messages between the two of them, i immediately called her and asked her what was up!??? She said it’s nothing and he sent the photos from her phone to his phone when they were hanging out. Does that even make sense?, then on my birthday i called her and told her I’m not comfortable with her being my mans friend. This bitch told me to ask my man, does he have feeling for her. ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! He said NO. But i mean, the signs are there, so he started acting funny, put a lock on his phone so he could text her and i couldn’t see, then went out with her again. I told him if he wants to be with her then go be with her. But he said he doesn’t and they’re strictly friends. And that he just wants me. But i think he’s in deep love with her. What should i do? Ooop and Did i mention that he calls and tells this girl all our business!! A mess!!”


What advice would you give our reader?

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  1. He has no respect for you or your feelings. You have told both of them how you feel and both of them responded the same way f you. Your intuition is telling you what’s good but your waiting for him to be honest when he has a pattern of deception. You are allowing yourself to be devalued and played. Ask yourself how this would play out if the tables were turned and it was you with a male friend doing this crap. A real dude would be clear HELL NO and if it persisted just fuck but check out emotionally.

  2. im sorry hunny, its bullsh*t, if they havent messed around already, id bet money they have come dangerously close. The friendship is not necessary. At all. He obviosuly has led her to believe that she may have a chance of replacing you, being as she had big enough balls to ask you to ask “your man” if he had feelings for her. I have male friends, that are in relationships, im not passing out no money, im not telling them i miss them, thats his woman’s job, not mine. CUZ WE ARE JUST FRIENDS! As a man, he would have to call his mama for extra money, before he called me. CUZ WE ARE JUST FRIENDS! id send him on his way if he couldnt let her go, lockin the phone and all that extra shit, what have we got to hide? why are we seeing our friends naked? If he cant decide who is more important, put him out, he will be just fine with a friend like that lurking around.

    • They are screwing!! Both of them are so disrespectful and you are allowing it. There’s no consequence for his behavior. Why are you confronting the female.? She isn’t obligated nor owe you anything. You need to dump the disrespectful boy and get you a man who is
      Nt into playing games. Ha ha ” friends” going out! Why you aren’t going out with them when they go out? Stop being a door mat.

  3. In the words of the late Denise Lasalle- “Drop that zero”

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