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Baller Mail: “My Boyfriend Wants To Marry Me, But I Recently Found Out He Has More Children That I Knew Nothing About. What Should I Do?”

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“So I’ve been dating a guy for a little over 4 years.. We have 2 kids together. Around the 3rd year of dating, I found out about 2 other kids with 2 different woman, that was before me, but he never mentioned. Now within the last few months, he’s been hit with 2 or 3 child support cases. He wants to get married but I’m unsure on if I want to marry him. He wants to do it by my birthday which is 2 months from now. Any advice is needed and appreciated!
What advice would you give our reader?

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    This man is using your check book if not you he’ll find another women to trick and marry to help him with child support he needs your income boo to help pay for the kids he never mentioned plus their moms …..GET OUT don’t marry him keep your coins away from him once his check get depleted you have to pick up the slack for the kids you guys have together no thanks

  2. Don’t do it. This is saying a lot about him and his character. If it was one child, ok he may not have known , but multiple children. He isn’t a stand up guy. This means he isn’t spending time with them and if you are so important to him, he wouldn’t hide anything from you. What’s the rush to get married for, so they can start garnishing your money for his child support. How much do u really know about him. What else has he been “hiding” from you.

  3. How can you trust a man that keeps secrets? Not, just any secret, like I went to work today baby but really he was at the casino, this dude is hiding human lives that he created. What type of father is he if he doesn’t want the love of his life, and your children together, to know and have a relationship with these flowers in the attic. Why do you feel comfortable committing to a man that has shown you he is not trustworthy or marriage material? Moreover, child support is after him. Cases mean the parents aren’t on one accord or mama is collecting from the State. Either way Dad needs a Judge (stranger) to get his act together. The divorce rate is high because people refuse to read the writing on the wall. You been playing house and look where it got you, misled and duped. You have known him 4 years and still don’t know his family. His children are HIS family!

  4. I say marry him. You had two children with him without the benefit of marriage. You stayed with him when you found out he lied about his other kids but did not insist on his involvement in their lives. You have been together four years but he suddenly wants to marry you after being hit with child support cases. If you need to ask for advice at this point, you might as well marry him. Then at least two of the five or so children will have a father in the home because you cannot count on him to be responsible for your two children if he’s not with you. You have some choices to make. I pray it works out for you, the other baby mamas and all the kids.


      marry him so half her check could be feeding little niggas she knew nothing about

      • Not impressed is telling her to do something she wouldn’t do herself. If you want to lose money paying for his flowers in the attic and maintaining your lifestyle I’m selling a older bridge that connects Brooklyn to Manhattan. It’s in need of some work but the price is reasonable.

      • Reading is fundamental. Obviously, you do not appreciate sarcasm and good grammar. Let me paraphrase for the unenlightened, “if you have to ask for advice in such an obvious situation, you would not recognize good advice if it bit you in the rear.”

  5. Don’t marry him … no real man lies an doesn’t mention his children the fact that he can keep secrets like that mean their probably plenty more to come a man child is who he his & if not then he isnt a man at all. don’t ignore the signs because your blinded by what you think is love .

  6. I messed with a 🤡 who did the same thing. What was so shockingly bazaar to me was that we messed around for 5 years before he told me about his 23 year old daughter. I was so confused as to why. He told me about all his other kids (even about the baby that he had with another girl while he was with his ex wife). In addition to all the other lies he told, I gotta say that was the lie that did it for me! No real man lies about his kids. In that moment I had lost ALL respect for him & I looked at him as being pathetic. To me it seems like a no brainer. You have kids with him, if y’all split he just gonna lay up with the next one and then it will be your kids that don’t exists…so I say 🗣“Don’t do it reconsider …in my best Andre 3000 voice!!

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