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Baller Mail – Carmelo Anthony’s Alleged Side Chick Is Not A New York Stripper & Is Having A Baby Girl

Earlier today, news broke that Carmelo Anthony and his wife, Lala, had split, due to the possibility of an outside child. Initial reports did not name the woman but said that she was a stripper in New York. According to a loyal Baller Alert reader, that information is not true. Here’s the little bit of information they provided.


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“You all have the wrong story on the girl Melo knocked up. She’s not a stripper or from New York. She’s 25 and from Chicago. I have pictures of her. She has a master’s degree and is in social work. She’s due in July and it’s a girl. We have mutual friends. Also, Melo isn’t the first celeb she’s been with.”

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  1. Who cares what type of education she has. Apparently she’s not smart enough to not engage in having unprotected sex with a married man. To, not use birth control. Carmelo, apparently does not respect the sanctity of marriage. He used the head with no brain.

  2. Her education level makes her no less of a thot! Side bish doing the most. Til he gets the next one pregnant and have her feeling the same as LA LA! Bold.

  3. *Smart Enough To Go To College.
    *Smart Enough To Complete Her Degree.
    *Smart Enoigh To Get Knocked Up By A Millionaire.
    *Smart Enough To Know She’ll Need For Nothing.

    Sorry this chic Broke up your Favorite Couple and Destroyed the Relationship you was never in and wished you had…..but this chic should br yelling Check Mate and y’all mad cause this chic accomplished more in her life than you’s females will ever do..

    Side Note: Majority of you’s bytches will cheat on ya mans with a nigga with a Nice Whip… Carmelo and Lala ain’t never do anything for you…so shut up and get out your feelings.

    • DAT PART!!÷

    • I know that’s right…lol

    • Lol…The Accuracy Of This ?

    • Lol idk why people calling her stupid. She just hit the LOTTO!

    • I have to agree, with my Degree! Why are people mad and he isn’t even respecting his own marriage! Hell, LaLa and olé girl straight ( if it’s his kid,) she got 18 years in them pockets and longer if her baby go to college ???! #PoMelo

    • In what world does having a baby with a millionaire mean you will be taken care of for life? Certainly not the current world we live in. Gone are the days of the 90s to 2000s when having a baby with a baller meant u hit the lotto. Yall better ask chris brown bm last i heard she only get $2k a month. Sad when your goal is to have a baby for a come up and break up a home and family while doing it… thats that slave mentally massa told us if we had 10 babies he set us free… and u bitches still looking for a massa to get yall freedom. Smmfh but think about the kid who will grow up knowing that his creation was out of a shameful act and feeling like a 2nd class citizen compared to his fathers legitimate children but all u care about is your come up

      • ?? exactly just shows how many females doesn’t have integrity nor dignity and when does having a degree justified that this person is better than someone their people that kill people that has degree but just because that person has a degree it’s all good lol people are funny

      • I truly agree but what kind of world do we live in where a side hoe and a thot can be mentioned in anything but a whisper to his legitimate wife and child. A lot of people are saying Lala got it coming because she’s doing acting and away form home a lot. But so I is he. He should give her the same respect that she gave his cheating sorry ass. Now the child has to be known as the side hoe child. You men need to know that the daughter you’ve fathered can become a side chick he too. I feel sorry for Lala, Cayenne and the baby. Smh at Melo what type of morals are you teaching your children.

    • Money isnt everything she is pregant by somebody’s husband. Lets not glorify adultery.

    • * Damn Deeman , everyone who has anything to say against these words are confused and struggle with a mental illness.
      You hit it right on the nose.

    • You do not have any morals and your intelligence is one unlike a reptilian. Married is a covenant between God, man & wife and you base “she winning” because she’s getting paid? Guess what she didn’t gain anything she actually set herself up for Karma


    • “You tell em ANGRY BLACK MAN who isn’t in his feelings at all?.” You do however make some sense when I look past all the profanity, name calling and women hatred you may have, and that is. (Drum Roll)…. Who Cares? I don’t! I have no comment on the Anthony’s, and I think that we as a ppl should focus on more personal and important things. There are starving children in the world, broken homes and broken ppl even closer to home than this sensational “bulkshit” journalism that we call news. God help us!

  4. Lala was gettin ran by Mano so how she expected Melo to stay committed when she stepped out? I know 2 wrongs don’t make a right but what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

  5. I’d say she’s a really smart girl….lol

  6. She Did What All The Women On Here Would’ve Done. Got Some Dick From A Ball Player And Hoped To Get Pregnant Since It Wasn’t No Other Way From The Come Up… Hypocritical Ads Women


    • So just because she cheated with someone with money she’s smart the disgrace of people it’s all good til your man or woman cheats on you lol cheating is cheating and it shows lack of respect females have for themselves just to have a baby by someone and not have a family

  8. All this hype and who knows for sure she’s having his baby, that what wrong with world today people take things and run with it, but I’m sure if she had sex with him anything is possible but I know a DNA is in the making….

  9. What’s all the hype about when no one knows for sure if he’s the pappy, people love to take things and run with it, anything is possible if he had sex with the woman but if she’s claiming pregnancy I’m sure a DNA is in the making…

  10. Ha! Side piece thot or whatever you want to call her but she is on top now if this is really his child!

    • So she’s on top now because she’s pregnant by a star lol smh just another child growing up in a household without both parents is ok shows a lot about your mentality and who you are as a female

  11. Personally, I DON’T wanna be a rich baby momma no more than I wanna be a broke one. If he decides NOT to RAISE my child, she will want to know why, I’ll have to be brutally honest. No amount of money is worth my babygirl having to live with knowing what I DID is half the reason her daddy doesn’t want her.

    • Exactly see your a woman that understand money doesn’t raise a child being there as well giving your child the knowledge and advice that he or she needs to be a man or woman any females that finds this ok shows that their broken and selfish because they not thinking about the kids ???

  12. The question is being he is a baller. Who is to say that Melo wasn’t dealing with this young lady long before he met Lala. Some women look good on your arm in the celebrity light. Some are there just for comfort. He may have told her about Lala and she was comfortable with it. Knowing she isn’t marrying him.

  13. La la you did good I will never accept my hubby wit an baby that wasn’t mine and his if u love la la you wouldn’t cheat no matter wat good gurl for respecting yourself not like others female that have it all they continue to stay and continue to get cheated on like tiny and Kirk frost too and she still wit him and if u forgive you’ll continue to get walk on

  14. Everyone has dignity and respect until they are caught up in a situation. Shut up! Stop being so judgemental. You died and made you God. Slave mentality is thinking there is a difference between cheating and having an affair.

  15. LaLa is a bird she to fame hungry, all she want to do is hang with Kardashians, Ciara, Kelly Rowland and whoever else she can get her claws into. Should’ve never showed her t!tties on Power.

  16. LaLa is a bird she to fame hungry, all she want to do is hang with Kardashians, Ciara and whoever else she can get her claws into. Should’ve never showed her t!tties on Power.

  17. It shouldn’t matter about child support. Why would you bring a child in this world, with a married man. Then she lives in another state and her child won’t have a real relationship with the father. Kiyan is 10 years old and he hasn’t gotten LaLa pregnant since and I hope that is not his child. She is educated but not very dumb when it comes to moral and values. Why don’t you get a degree on home wrecking you skank hoe. It takes two to tangle but all those degrees, you should have some common sense to get your own husband if your all that.

  18. It’s interesting how Side piece looks a little like La la. I see La la is no stand by your cheating man kinda chic. La la you go gurrl and get those coins!

  19. She needs a degree in morality, Bringing a baby into this world without a full time father is supporting the breakdown of the black family, and just selfish. As some of you have stated” she hit the Lottery” to bad her child didn’t ! The Lottery for the little girl should be the stability, commitment and love of both parents.
    Just Sad!

  20. Both chick’s are winning. The only loser is the the so-called sanctuary of Marriage. Don’t understand why people waste time getting married. Side chick will be getting around 50K a month for the next 216 months which will come out to about 10 millions. Lala if and when she divorce his ass will probably walk away with 50 million plus child support,if Lala wasn’t cheating on him there are rumors out there saying she was cheating too

  21. Both chicks are winning the only loser is the sanctuary of marriage the side chick will get about 50 k for the next 216 months wow Lala if and when she divorces him probably walk away with about 50 million plus child support and that’s the world we live in where you can lay your nasty ass down with somebody’s husband and hit the lotto basically so the side chick walk away with about 10 million dollars after all said and done

  22. Just blame the man….he’s the one MARRIED.
    She’s a single woman…it’s her body… she can fuck whom ever
    Ya’ll women out here with no chances of ever being married
    Hoping some bum will put a ring on it…
    Financial stability is important..
    Ya’ll need to stop hating…

  23. She can get her own husband and have financial stability. She’s a pretty girl and she’s educated, she could of married a lawyer or a doctor. He didn’t have to be a NBA player, especially a married man. If Melo and LaLa get divorced he won’t marry her. She’s just a side chick, she would pay for her own flights to have sex with him. I blame him, I know all NBA players cheat but don’t get somebody knocked up. He probably always cheated on her but don’t be messy and get somebody pregnant.

  24. I blame Melo ?!!!!!! Womens are grimy now a days. Yeah, yeah, it takes 2. She doesn’t have shit to loose. Melo was a married man. I’m sorry I have NO blamed on the other chick. She new what it was and take care!!!! Helllloooo people there female out there like that. Melo is the blame ?. It’s crazy how people are sleeping around with no Protection God forbid she had something and back it back. To Lala. Hell No this is hard to Forgjve. It will take A lot to save my marriage. Ho can you trust again???? Marriage suppose to be union!!!!!! Best Luck To Them

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