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Baller Mail – Carmelo Anthony’s Side Piece Was Dating Black Ink’s Ryan Henry When She Met Carmelo

The tea is rolling in on Carmelo Anthony’s alleged side piece after it was revealed he has a baby girl on the way.


As previously reported, Carmelo Anthony and La La have officially split. The couple is now living separately, as they try to determine what to do with their relationship. According to TMZ, Carmelo got a New York stripper pregnant. However, a Baller Alert reader sent in a Baller Mail, disputing the claims, saying that the girl Carmelo got pregnant was not a stripper and not from New York.


The mystery woman has been identified as Mia Angel Burks, a Northwestern University graduate from Chicago. Another Baller Alert reader also provided us with some more intel. Read it all below.


Disclaimer: Baller Mails are submitted by our readers and are protected by federal statute 47 U.S.C. 230. BallerAlert.com can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted.


“Mia met Carmelo at Room Seven, a club in Chicago, when he was here for the NBA draft doing press. She was traveling back and forth to New York while she was messing around with Ryan Henry from Black ink Chicago. She’s not a stripper she’s a graduate student from Northwestern University with a Masters degree in education. Her and Carmelo weren’t serious at all she was plotting.”

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  1. Damn, I thought that he and Lala were going strong after the news broke a few years ago that they were splitting up. I hope that this is not true, BUT seems like the damage is already done. Whether the young woman is a stripper or a Social worker, the fact that she was ‘allegedly’ sleeping with a very married man is wrong and Melo too.

  2. SMH. Dude is about to be hurting. Losing his marriage and last I heard the Nicks were about to let him go too right? With a baby on the way?

    The Power of the P…does it again. When will they learn????

  3. Very sad, if true. I’ll believe it when the dna results are in.

    And…..no such thing as a homewrecker.

    • Thank you! He had to open the door! That female didn’t rape him! Tossing this woman under the bus like she ain’t got her own bills to pay and seen a way. Everything ain’t for everybody! If this what she choose to do good for her, so happy I don’t have to live that kind of life! And Lala is dumb as snot! Got that good man worth millions at home and only give him one child. She don’t want to lose her body and she paid for some bad surgery already. She should have bust him out 5 real quick and then worry about fixing her body and getting back to work. Or do like Beyonce and have someone carry for you the first time and never answer questions about surgery end of story!

  4. Daddy always said, P☆ssy pull harder than a freight train.

  5. She married a basketball player what did she expect? I hate when a woman marries a man that she’s knows everybody wants and then is surprised when he cheats. Even bench players like Cameron Payne get women like Aaleeyah Pretty so you think Carmelo who travels the world with the U.S.A. basketball team and is worth $90 million isn’t getting tail thrown at him all the time? LaLa is a fame whore anyway, why does she only have one kid by a super athlete when everybody knows that’s like hitting the genetic lottery? Lebron and Wade’s kids are going to the NBA for sure meaning that they’ll be millionaires too but you’re to focused on acting in C-list movies and Power. Gabriel Union is smart, Wade had a side baby and she said so what I’m not leaving my man who’s worth $95 million so that I can save face for the public.

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