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Baller Mail: “A Guy I’m Dating Has Been Lying About Moving To Another State. Should I Let It Go Or Do I Let Him Know That I Know The Truth?”

For today’s Baller Mail, our reader sent:


“I met a guy in December & we started dating & were pretty much with each other every day up until February when he tells me he got a job promotion and moved to New York. I took it for what it was especially since we weren’t dating that long. Shortly after he had “moved” I saw his car at his job which is very close to my house. I asked him about it and he just played it off saying they would be bringing it to NY soon. Two weeks later he mysteriously pops up at my house & said he was in town for a day & would be back to see me the next day. Well I haven’t seen or talked to him since but I saw his car a few weeks later at his “old” job. So a friend of mine and I decide to ride to his house to see if it really was his car, mind you our complexes are right next to each other & I see his car, outside his building. Should I let it go or let him know I know he’s sick & lied for no reason.”



What advice would you give our reader?

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  1. It’s apparent that he’s a liar and he’s weak, so why bother? Why question someone about their dishonesty unless you plan on continuing to subject yourself to their lying and weakness? Keep it moving. Stop accepting their call and stop even caring if they are here or in NY. Apparently they either have someone, always had someone or they just aren’t truly interested.

  2. Tell him you know the truth then cut the lying disease outve your life. Don’t let him THINK he played you as a fool or you will become a fool as you did and posted this dumb shit. You know what to do. He a dub and a half. Let him know and b rid of his lying ass.

  3. Girl LEAVE HIM ALONE. That’s not the only thing he’s being dishonest about (trust me)…RUN! I just got out of a very long relationship for this same reason.

  4. First off you messed up!! NEVER date anyone in the same apartment complex or even in 5 miles from your house. Too easy for a pop up! Which is what any normal female would have done long time ago and found out within the first week of this dude saying he was moving that he wasn’t telling the truth. This is all ugly and a big mess. This guy is playing with you and how you choose to handle this will speak of the person you are! So take this time and ask yourself who do you want to be? You want to be that person that bust windows out cars? Or do you want to be that person that is the bigger person? You can’t change other people or make them do anything you can only control your own actions.

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