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Baller Mail: “Help! I’ve ReMarried But My Ex-Husband Keeps Lying On My Name, Should I Blast Him To Clear My Name?”

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“So, I have this issue with my Ex husband who is claiming that it’s unfair that I chose to move on without giving him a fair chance. I met my ex-husband when I was 16; he’s 3 years older than I am. Then got married at 18 and had our baby girl. I was married to him for 3 years out of the 6 years that we were together. I held him down; working two jobs every year we were together while he was a stay at home dad, due to not having proper immigration status to work. My family warned me while his family hated me. Graduated high school on time. Lost a scholarship because I chose to work.

Fast forward 4 years and I couldn’t take it anymore. Got his immigration status situated as a permanent resident with a work permit. I started a new job working for the government and got him a job as a local truck driver at my dad’s job. Dude made $500 a week that I never saw. Got tired of paying our bills after so many years and decided that I wanted to separate until he got his life together. Dude got creepy on some stalker and tried installing fear into me so I divorced him after a year of separation.

Still decided to give him an opportunity to regain his family that he so desperately wanted I gave him directions on how to do so. I ask that he get his own car instead of using mines. Open an account and start by saving at least $5000 to go towards buying a house. Support his daughter not only by being there but financially and to rent us a 2 bedroom apartment instead of staying in the 1 bedroom that I was renting for us 3.

Instead, he found him a “best friend” in January 2017 that he was claiming that he didn’t want to make more than that. Started driving and still driving her car. Moved into her mom’s house where she resided, between the end of February and beginning of March. Closed the account that he never kept money in and missed my baby’s 4th Birthday photos that he promised to attend.

By April I had finally decided to move on and get a boyfriend. I’m 23, got remarried in August, bought a house in November and am expecting a Boy in February of 2018. He continues to call me and tell me that he wants his family back when he’s still with his best friend now girlfriend. It’s hard to not give him the time of day to express how he feels when he was once the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with and pretty much forced to move on for a better future for my daughter and me.

He constantly tries to make it seem like I’m still crazy about him and trying to ruin his happiness when he speaks to others including my family and his girlfriend. I was forced to record one of our conversations to prove that he’s still feeding me lies, pleading how he wants his family back and stirring up old emotions that has so much history behind it. No matter how much he hurts me I still find it hard to blast him because I have so much history with him, along with love and loyalty. If he was to get his life together I would have chosen him but he doesn’t and I love my current husband just not in love yet. Was I wrong for moving on? Should I feel bad for moving on? Should I blast him to clear my name?”
What advice would you give our reader?

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  1. You weren’t wrong for moving on at all. But you should not have moved on and married a man that you KNEW you couldn’t give your all to. What happens if you don’t fall in love with your now husband? It’s beyond understandable to want more for yourself and your child but a lot of single parents struggle and make it through every single day. It is immature to drag this new husband along (unless you both have that understanding) and to have even given anyone a chance until you learned yourself a lot more and was able to let go of your ex completely. And as far as he is concerned, let him do whatever he needs to do to make himself happy. Don’t breathe any life into that old situation. You chose to move on so go live your life.

    • Preach!!! This female is messing up a good thing with the new husband due to baggage from last marriage. Her letter sounds like her heart is still not sure what it really wants. And now she is running the risk of damaging this new husband and that just one more no gooder walking around. I believe society has enough and the madness needs to stop. Or at very least stop making these babies! They are people that you playing with! With yo messy relationship statues, old wishy washy, flippy floppy lookn’ ace.

  2. It’s clear that you have not yet moved on because you are still in love with this guy. The real question is: why would u wanna even entertain the idea of being with someone who would “tell lies about you & make everyone think you still want them”,?? You said he was as threating you before which was one of the reasons you divorced him, and because he “doesn’t have his stuff together”….Looks like you may have only moved on and married only to save face & make your ex and everyone else think you don’t want him but clearly you do. Stop giving him attention….he ain’t changed then and he won’t change, so romanticizing the idea of you two getting back together is ONLY gonna set you up for disappointment!! Why do that to yourself and daughter?? Those feelings of feeling sorry and wishing that you two would have worked is normal (so don’t feel bad or stupid for feeling that way), but acting on those feelings would be dumb. My honest advice: cut your loss and build with the one you are with currently. If you really wanna get under someone’s skin just ignore them, trust me this will go a lot further than blasting him.- peace✌🏾 & love ❤️

  3. And this is why I don’t give single mom’s the time of day

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