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Baller Mail: “My Husband Can Go Months Without Having Sex With Me. What Should I Do Since My Sex Drive Is High?”

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“My husband and I havent been sexually active lately we have 2 kids and 1 outside child that he had when we wasn’t together. We been together for 14 years. I have been bringing up the fact that we don’t have sex like we use to. I’m 29 years old and my sex drive is high! He can go months without having sex with me, and when he do its a quickie. He don’t hold hand, kiss me (I can’t even remember the last time we kissed) or even slap me on the ass. He said he just not in the mood, he stressed out or its not a big thing of his anymore. I know I’m not bad in bed. My freak level is 10/10 and my head game is 15/10. I just need to know what should I do????
What advice would you give our reader?

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  1. I am not sure. Has either of you gained weight? Do you take care of yourself physically as in wear makeup/dress well/eat well? Do you compliment each other? Do both of you have good hygiene habits? Does he work a lot? Are either or both of you physically attentive as in touching each other lightly during the course of the day without sex? Have both of you had regular medical checkups? What were the results? I need more information. Something is going on but it might be fixable.

  2. Yeah something is going on & it’s called another women! You’re 29 & the two of you have been together 14 years!?! So you guys started dating young. And don’t think I let that verbage slip pasted me! “And 1 outside child that he had when we wasn’t together,” so the two of you have been together since you guys where young and at some point the two of you broke up and he got another woman pregnant and then somehow the two of you ended up back together. That was your first mistake! You broke up for a reason! How long where the two of you broken up before he got her pregnant? Or was that the reason the two of you broke up? Either way it doesn’t matter. This man is simply not interested in you like that anymore. Nothing you say or do can change that, that’s like asking for that other kid to go away. Better question; why are you still with this man that will not take care of your needs? Sex IS a basic need! Like food, water, shelter. If this man wasn’t providing for you or the kids would you still be fighting for this?
    Sounds like you need to learn to stand on your own a little more, make a plan to get him for everything and then leave! Was he thinking about his family when he was raw dawging that other female & made a baby with her??? Does she have him on child support?
    Or just sit there & let your kitten get dust; then when he hits you with a new kid don’t act surprised!!! If he’s not getting it from you he’s getting it from someone else!!!

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