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Baller Mail: “My Husband Cheated and Contracted Gonorrhea From A Stranger. Should I Forgive or Move On With My Life?”

For today’s Baller Mail, our reader sent:

“My husband and I have been together for 4 years, married For 1 year. We have a beautiful 6 month old. Even though we both have decent jobs, we are still struggling just to make ends meet. Besides our financial issues though, our relationship has been perfect since the beginning. He is a great father and my best friend. Recently he told me that he had been having penile discharge, we went to the doctor where they diagnosed him with gonorrhea. For days he swore up and down that he must’ve gotten it from a dirty toilet seat, or a hotel room towel. He even tried accusing me of infidelity. Finally today, he admitted that he got head from a random stranger 3 months ago. I am so hurt and disgusted. Not only did he step out on our brand new marriage, but he exposed me to an STD and now I have to get tested for any other STDs he may have contracted. I know that I can do better, but I have a small baby that I have to think about and I have no money to be on my own with a baby right now. He says it was only that one time, a lapse in judgement and will never happen again. He seems really remorseful. I want to forgive him and forget this even happened, but I feel stupid for even considering forgiving him. I know our relationship will never be the same. What do you guys think I should do…..Should I forgive my lying, cheating, disgusting husband for the sake of my new family, or just move on with my life?”
What advice would you give our reader?

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  1. KeepingitHonest

    I would move on with my life. Step out on faith as God will never let you down. This time it was gonorrhea next time it could be herpes or HIV. Do you really want to risk your life and that of your baby for the sake of a boy who doesn’t even respect you as the QUEEN you are?! Leave sister….leave! I know it may seem impossible but you can do it! You can accomplish whatever you set your mind to!

  2. Everyone make mistakes but cheating is a chioce
    So u have to think this being going on before this happen would he have told u if this didn’t happen so think………….would he give u a second chance

  3. He only came forward with the truth cause he got an caught an STD; yeah sure he ONLY got head that once! ROFLD you’re real young to believe that one! Also after 3 months!?! You say the two of you had a good marriage so that should mean that you two have still been sleeping together. So you for sure have that, what you mean get tested for other STD? When was he tested? Whatever he has you have? If you’re trying to get extra test then you don’t trust him! You answered your own question!
    Like first person said next time it could be herpes, HIV or even another child!!!! How would you feel if another woman came to you talking about your husband got her pregnant??? Cause as we see he doesn’t like to wrap it up!!!

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