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Baller Mail: “My Husband Treats My Daughter From A Previous Relationship Differently From The Children We Have Together. Should I Leave or Wait For A Change?”

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“Okay I have a question for baller alert but I would like to remain anonymous, I’ve been married for 5 years and we have 3 kids together & I have a daughter from a previous relationship. My husband treated my daughter like his by giving her attention , buying her things up until I had our daughter together. We’ve been with each other since my daughter was 11 months old. & when I ask him why he treats her different he says it’s her behavior or because he can’t feel the same way about her as he feels for his own. He only wants her to be disciplined and not the other kids, should I leave him ? Or should I wait for a change? Because I know my daughter can feel the different treatment”
What advice would you give our reader?

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  1. Well here is another example of why if you got a kid(s) you should only date someone else with kids. Neither of you knew how his emotions and thoughts would change after having his own. You can’t make him love and accept this other man’s child no matter what you say or do! Even if she was there from the beginning. Where is her dad? He might also be feeling the burden of having to support a FULL house; does your daughter’s dad pay child support?
    Sounds like you made a classic mistake no single mother will admit to. Got pregnant by a guy, it didn’t work out, found another man real quick like, had your mind and hopes on one thing and forgot about the real, now that reality is setting in you are waking up from this dreamland you been in. Well baby, stuff is too late! You created 3 lives with this man. Now you have to choose what is best for your family and your family IS divided! There are so many ways this could play out. My first suggestion is for you to tie your tubes; after that all this is on you to make better and it’s an everyday job. Adding more kids will not make any of this any easier, good luck!

    • That’s terrible advice!! Tie her tubes? The issue is whether she should leave or go. Not a decision that should ever involve surgery! Besides as the husband, doesn’t he have input in such a decision? That would create more problems.

      As to the lady in distress, talk to him and express to him in no uncertain terms how you feel. Ask him if your relationship does not work out and for some reason he is not able to fulfill his duties as a father, would he like his biological children to be treated the way he is treating her? Offer to go to counselling. Work with him however you can. From your letter, all is not lost. Also, ask yourself, does your daughter have a bad attitude or is it because she knows there is a difference in treatment between her and siblings? In addition, as the other poster said, where is her bio dad? If he has tried to be a father, foster that relationship between them.

      However, if this does not work, you have to seriously think of leaving with all the children. Let your husband fend for himself. NO SURGERY!!!

      • Your basically telling her to choose between her first child and last 3. That right there is even more messed up! If he can’t do right by the 1 then then other 3 will have to pay for this problem! No one can make someone be a parent to a child that is not their’s!
        So if the situation is messy now what’s wrong with not adding to it? You can’t tell her for sure she will not run into this issue again. And if she thinks it’s hard now lets see how easier it will get when she has baby #5&6 with a whole new man & see how smooth that goes with trying to get him to play daddy to the 4 she already has!!!
        MFer keep walking around here creating life and not thinking about no one but themselves!!! Go ahead and break up with him. When they younger 3 find out the reason why this happened that will start sibling trouble!!! And that’s 3 against 1!!! What kind of job does OP have to support 4 children on her own? Yes, adding more children to this situation will clear everything up!!! ROFLD

  2. Im 23 and met my step dad when I was 5. I hate him. I can honestly say the love he shows his biological son makes me feel so alone. The fact that my mom would stay w a person that throughout my life has shown examples that indeed despite what is being said I am the step child, makes me look at her different the older I get. They are married now and honestly he hasnt changed. I am at a point that when I have kids of my own I dont want him around for the fear that he may treat my kids worst than his biological grand children. Ive gon thru alot of pain w this topic. I tried to stay out of my house any chance I can get growing up (Ended up in some shitty situations which was my fault) just because I didnt want to be home. I was constantly looking for a place I belonged and didnt feel like the step child. My mom says its me and her against the world but I cant ever imagine staying w a person that makes my daughter feel less than his own children. My mom is honestly a moron worried about her own relationship. I need to correct this by maiking sure my kids dont feel the same way.

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