Baller Mail – Is Angel Brinks Pregnant With Sacramento Kings Tyreke Evans’ Baby?

I’m not entirely too familiar with Angel Brinks other than knowing she’s a model and she designs clothing that I will probably be able to fit once I get on Kanye’s Workout Plan. We received this anonymous Baller Mail and it was so tea filled I had to take out a few names and events (if yall know something I know you’ll put it in the comments anyway lol). You know we don’t start rumors here so before you shoot the messenger make sure you read the disclaimer…


Disclaimer: Baller Mails are submitted by our readers and are protected by federal statute 47 U.S.C. 230. can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted.


“Months ago when people found out that Ashley & Tyreke were having a baby, all his jumpoffs came out of nowhere. One in particular named Angel Brinks.

A little quick factual history on Ms. Brinks aka “The Queen of Leggings”.She is a well known past escort living in Vegas (surprise, surprise) Her 5 year old sons father was her pimp before he passed away. She has been sexing Tyreke on & off for. During those years she was sleeping with several other athletes, both NBA & NFL. Ex: LM of the Philadelphia Eagles. She was his jumpoff on & off until he then dissed her completely for his now baby mother.

When Angel found out Ashley was pregnant she did EVERYTHING in her power to harass her. She let it be known she was still messing w/ Tyreke & the baby Ashley was carrying was supposed to be hers. Yes, Crazy! Psycho! All of a sudden 2 months b4 Ashley is scheduled to give birth, Angel pops up pregnant claiming it to be Tyrekes!

Since becoming pregnant & refusing to get an abortion, Tyreke has dissed Angel completely (just like LM) & does not claim her or the unborn. Umm can you say desperate! Pathetic! Not too mention the perfect example of the word trapped!

How do I know ALL this & more to be true? Angel definitely posted pictures & tweeted boasting about Tyreke & being pregnant then deleted it when people started talking about it negatively. Plus she tells so many of her “friends” her business, I think she forgets who she tells & what she says. But, I guess we will all SEE for ourselves in a few months when Ms. Brinks starts to show!”

Pregnancy is one of those things you can’t hide forever so if this IS true, we’ll see soon enough. If it’s not, throw it in the pile of “Oh, you mad?” with the others lol

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