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Baller Mail: “I’ve Been With My Boyfriend For 5-Years. I Don’t Want To Marry Him But I Want Children Soon Due To My Fibroids. Should I Find Someone Else or Stay With Him?”

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“So i have been dating this guy for 5years,he wants to get marry to me but I don’t love him anymore bcus he abuses me mentally,he brings up my past anytime we have an issue.I don’t know how to tell him that am not interested,my family really love him and there don’t believe anything I say about him bcus he appears as a quiet person.I found out last year that I have fibroid and I have made up my mind to have a surgery but its a 50/50 to grow back if I don’t get pregnant afterwards am so confused. If I should stay with him or wait to meet someone new before I go for the surgery?”
What advice would you give our reader?

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  1. You will never move forward if he keeps reminding you of what you did yesterday. We evolve and mature over time. Don’t allow anyone to define you based on the mistakes of your past when they have stayed with you to the present and want to marry you. If it was that bad Sir why you still with me? Either you forgive me and we move forward together or you don’t and we part.

    Ask yourself if you are willing to deal with him for 18 years? Do you believe he can make pivotal decisions (child support, daycare, schooling, medical professionals, mental support) in a reasonable manner without being spiteful, hurtful or degrading? Would you want an innocent child to be exposed to his mistreatment of you or worse for them to be subjected to the mistreatment themselves? Bringing a child into this world is serious. Your baby would have his DNA. You could create a mini him and NOT you.

    If the warning signs are there pray your way to better health because God is a healer. Pray for a better mate instead of disregarding the warning signs. It’s not about other people but how he makes you feel. Don’t put yourself in bondage with someone that may not be for you because of fibroids. Trust and believe YOU can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Abraham had to make a choice about having a baby also. This is a Hagar not Sarah situation. Don’t rush to have a baby in an unhealthy relationship just to have a baby. A baby won’t fix but magnify your problems.

    Turn off R Kelly you DO NOT need to go half on a baby with HIM!

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