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Baller Mail: “I’ve Fallen In Love With My Side Boo, But I Don’t Want To Leave My Boyfriend of 22 Years”

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“I’ve been in a relationship since high school. 22 years later we have 3 kids and still live with his mother. We have not been sexually active for over 2 years. I️ started cheating a year ago and I’m happy again for a change but I️m hesitant on leaving my HS sweetheart we have so much history and he really loves me and the kids. He recently started acting like he wants to do better and work on the relationship but part of me feels like it’s too late and if I️ stay it would be for the Kids, however I️ do love him I’m not in love with him but I️ think we can fall back in love with one another but I’m falling in loving with my side boo! I’m so torn I️ really don’t want to stop seeing him but I️ don’t want to break up my family…what should I do?”
What advice would you give our reader?

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  1. Is this fr fr? Like, you’re actually THINKING about leaving your 22 year relationship in the dust over some side nicka that’s dicking you down good? How u sound… !? First of, if he’s willing to fukc up a ALMOST happy home, don’t you think he will continue to do the same while he’s with you? Smh , he might say he loves you or w.e , but if that were true, he’d wait til you got outve that relationship to further one the honest way with you. Tf? Your man wants to fix things.. so fix them!! Y’all obviously use to have great sex, so get back to that! From what you said, that’s thee only thing that’s effecting your relationship right now? That’s an easy fix… do you think this NEW man will care for your FAMILY like your man does currently? BYE FELECIA!!

  2. You lost me with the 22 years, 3 kids AND LIVING WITH HIS MOTHER. So his MAMA is the Queen of the house and you can’t keep your legs closed. You need more help than I have time. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! What example are you setting for your children? Everything done in the dark come to the light. Can you handle this when it’s exposed? Do you understand the 80/20 rule? 22 years and no coins to get your own spot. I can’t, I won’t… leave one man and do right….

  3. you need to leave nobody deserves another 20 years being out of love ……move out of his mothers house learn to become a women with your own shit if not this side dude it’ll be another your unhappy and he’s not changing not for you or the kids move out with your kids start fresh he doesnt deserve this neither do you least he can fall back on his mother

  4. It is a wrap. Living with his momma c’mon now what grown woman lives in this circumstances. You say it has been a 2 tears since intimacy? Get your life together and leave yoyr side dude and him alone. Side boy may like sliding up in you now but in the back of his mind uf you slude with your man you will slide on him. Yes men have some double stsndards and weird paychology going on upstairs. If you cheating he is bit going to want you outside of the bedroom. So sidechicks do jnow you will never be the nain chick. Lessons from the mind of a black man. Lets call this xhapter one.

  5. Figure out a way to make it work with your boyfriend. You’re in a relationship which means you guys are a team. what are you doing to contribute to getting y’all own house? What are you doing to make the relationship succeed? It’s not all on the boyfriend. And I hope you really don’t think the side dude is the answer. Any man willing to break up a family is no man at all and cares only about himself. Wake up, roll up your sleeves and get to work fixing your real relationship. Life as a single mom is hard. Your kids deserve better. You say he’s trying to do better, give him an honest shot to fix it and be a good, honest partner in the relationship.

  6. 🗣 Baby gurl, what is u doin??…🤦🏾‍♀️

  7. First, what happened to marriage after all these years? Second, relationships are built on ups and downs and marriage until death do you apart in sickness and good health. So you can fall out of being “being in love” and then back in love again. Bringing what a call a distraction will cause you to lose focus on what’s really important. The guy on the side will cheat on you. He is cheating with you now. #letthatgo. Your kids father is where your head should be. Pick a date night, pick a me day in the month for both of you to do something with and for each other. This brings back the intimacy that most relationships lose after years of being together. It’s called dry moments. Don’t get caught either cheating cause he will eventually find out.

  8. You are wasting your life and not setting a good example for your children. Your kids father only sees you as a rebound. 22 yrs and you aren’t married and is living with his mom. Where are y’all priority. No grown man nor woman should be shacked up in anyone else’s home. If things aren’t working with the father of your children, you need to be strong enough to get out there on your own with your children. U r using y’ all being together for the kids as an excuse. The kids been knew you guys aren’t together for the past few years while y’all aren’t being intimate and he is out doing him. What example are you setting for your kids. Stick around with a person just to say that you’ve been with them x amount of years in an emotionless and non loving relationship. It would be different if your side dude was trying to motivate you and help you get your own spot and are interested in your kids. Just like the previous reader commented, you aren’t in love with the side dude, you are in love with the [email protected]@k and attention. Your kids father knows that someone else got your attention so that’s why he is acting like he has some sense now. After your side dude is out of the picture, he will be back to his normal program. Ps and you are bold, carrying on while living with his mom. Get your priorities straight. Focus on your kids and leave both guys.

  9. Listen, you are the side dudes side chick, don’t think you are the only one. After all you both are sleezy. You’re not worried about you’re relationship of 22 years, you’re worried about your living situation. It’s obvious you don’t want to be with the kids father but clearly dude number 2 is just reaping the benefits of free pu$$y. Put dude number 2 to the test and see who really loves you, can you and your 3 children go live with him? Is he asking for you to leave your kids father? More than likely, NOT! Dude number 2 enjoys what you’re giving not all that you come with. Don’t be foolish.

  10. I hope baller alert is trolling us. No ones this stupid, hopefully!

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