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Baller Mail: Should I Be Worried If My Boyfriend Blocks Me On All Of His Social Media Accounts?

If you’re going through a tough time-whether its with your relationship, your career, or just life, Baller Alert is here to give you some advice. While it can be hard to talk to family and friends out of fear of being judged, we are to here to be that listening ear. If you want to remain anonymous or don’t mind putting your business on front street, our followers will always give you the real deal and tell you what you need to know. If you would like some ballerific advice from our followers, email your questions to Peachkyss@balleralert.com.
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“Girl I need help! I know I shouldn’t allow social media to affect my relationship but it is. My man stays on Instagram all the time from the time he wakes up to late at night. But, that’s not my biggest issue. Majority of his followers are women. They stay putting heart emojis under his pics and saying “looking good bae.” He says I’m overreacting but if the roles were reversed, he wouldn’t be able to handle it. I have even seen him putting hearts under women pics. He say it’s nothing but if it wasn’t anything then why block me on all social media accounts. Should I be worried? Am I overreacting?”
What advice would you give our reader?

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  1. Does he make money from this? If so then you can’t say nothing, it’s his job. But if he is just doing this for likes, fans, or attention then you should move around. He is not trying to be held down by 1 female at this moment. He has a lot of thirsty females pumping his head right now and you alone are not enough for him. He will only stop if he wants to, if he’s okay with this he will just make you feel like your crazy for even bringing this up. Then when you find him cheating you wrong for going through his stuff. Girl save yourself!!!

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