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How long can you play the game? The game is fun while you’re on the winning end, but when games over, the consequences aren’t pretty at all. You could possibly lose tons of money, family, self-respect, and most of all your dignity. Sure the game is fun, at least until feelings get caught up. As a woman, we all know what happens after that. We try to defame & slander the man’s character at all costs. So, ask yourself, is it really worth it?

Many women enjoy being the mistress. Why? It’s simple. As long as they’re benefiting without any drama, they use their perks and capitalize on them, That is of course if they’re smart.

Lets look into the life of Monica Lewinsky aka Ms. Give More Head. Actinng as Bill Clinton’s intern, outside of their professional relationship, what more could she offer? Working long strenous hours, people tend to get close. In their case, they got too close for comfort. Quiet as kept, I believe he paid her under the table to keep quiet. That is until her conscience got the best of her. This was the biggest public scandal that gave the word mistress irs name, in my opinion anyways. Ol Bill didn’t think it would come out. However, Lewinsky later testified that relationship involved oral sex in the Oval Office and other sexual contact but that sexual intercourse did not occur. Reputation wise, she will forever be known as the Intern that FLEW SOUTH for the Winter. smh.

Michael Jordan, the biggest baller of them all could’ve had a million & one mistresses. However, he chose Karla Knafel. Knafel received $250,000 in hush money to keep her secret relationship with Jordan on the hush. Did she keep quiet? Of course not. He later filed a lawsuit against her in 2002 claiming she extorted $5 mil in additional payoffs. Again, I ask, is it worth it??

Ms. Steffans, is a woman, who thinks like a man. If we all thought like her, many of us would never get our feelings hurt. She’s played the mistress role to many prominent ballers. Many of which include Bobby Brown, Shaq, Ja Rule, just to name a few. You name it, this chic has gotten, from fully furnished apartments, to million dollar book deals. Maybe in this case, it might be worth it, But deep down, I can’t begin to believe she’s truly happy.

Alexandra Paressant, Tony Parker’s alleged mistress. claims she had a two month relationship with Parker Clearly, after his marriage to actress Eva Longoria. Of course, he adamantly denies all allgegations, but there are two sides to a story. She was a guest at the July 7th wedding, and when paths crossed, he gave her the wandering eye. Sounds suspicious to me. However, Longoria is sticking by her man.

Sarah Chapman, Diddy’s mistress is one who would rather stay out the limelight. She admits to meeting Diddy around the same time as Kim Porter. They have a child together, “There’s been rumors out there that [Sean Combs] offered me a million dollars to not have the baby, said Sarah. “If he gave me a million dollars I wouldn’t be calling him every month for child support,” she joked. “I mean, he pays me on a monthly basis, but there’s rumors that he offered me a million dollars hush money.”


These women have used the role as a mistress to catapult them to the next level. However, the tribulations many of them went through has proven in my book, its not worth the price in gold. Unless of course, a child is brought into the picture, and even then, its not fair.

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