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‘Baller Wives’ A Novel By @SavvDavisBooks (Chapter 2 & 3)



Shantel Lyant & Koby Lyant

This one doesn’t fit baby,” I smiled creasing my deep dimples while twirling my foot around in Jimmy Choo’s latest edition.

Try a bigger size baby.” Koby looked at his watch slouching down in his chair. I could tell Koby was over shoe shopping. Since his knee injury, he was being smothered by me and the chiropractor every day and I was loving it.

Koby and I were definitely enjoying the calm lifestyle but both of us were indeed ready for him to get back on the court because Lord knows basketball is truly what makes him happy.

I’m hungry baby…” Koby growled holding his stomach.

Me too.. What you want ?” I asked handing the salesman a black card.

You…” He said showing his perfect smile.

I smiled slipping on the other Jimmy Choo. I slid from my chair and walked closer to him.

Koby sucked his teeth watching me come closer, seeing his pants bulge I felt bad knowing he was missing my love box. We were expecting and I’ll be damned if he thrusted all of his nine inches in me and terminate our baby.

Baby the doctor said everything will be straight.” Koby licked his lips while pleading.

KOBYY!!! OMG Koby Lyant!” A busty blonde haired blue eyed fan screamed.

OMG OMG can I please take a picture with you! I love you so much!” She smiled mushing her boobs against his neck from behind.

How are you?” Koby replied, signing her ripped piece of paper.

She slid him a small piece of paper in exchange, I guess her thirsty ass thought it was small enough for me not to see it.

We’re Fine!” I said parting them.

I smiled watching her smile turn into a devious frown.

She stood still folding her arms, Koby’s girl fans were usually pressed but not as disrespectful as this one. Koby motioned his head noticing the other fans pulling out their cellphones ready to capture anything that was about to go down.

Did you personally know her?” I asked as we entered the house, the whole ride home was silent. Usually we were butt naked running in the house ready for more, but tonight was different. Koby stared at me while drinking a bottle of water, squeezing the bottle tight he tossed it in the trash can. He ignored the conversation.

Koby!” I screamed watching him disappear through the empty hallways.

Ring Ring Ring

Glancing at his iPhone on the island in the kitchen I grabbed it answering with no hesitation.

Its ten pm, wouldn’t you consider yourself a hoe if you only matter around this time?” I asked ready to kill which ever bitch was on the other end.

Mrs. Lyant! I hope your doing well this evening, I was calling to make sure Koby and yourself were doing well before he returns.” Coach Orlando smiled on the other end hoping things were okay.

He’d never seen Shantel sweat another woman before. Each game Shantel would be draped in the finest and wore light top of the line makeup to enhance her beauty. Her brown locks bounced up and down at each game as she cheered her husband on. Her golden skin complimented the pastel colors she would always where.

Being a coach in the NBA for almost 10 years Coach Orlando never met a woman as beautiful as Shantel Lyant. He knew Koby’s dirty secrets but wouldn’t dare risk his career, by telling the woman he truly loved that the man that she was now impregnated by secretly wanted something else.

My Goodness…My apologies. Yes we are doing fine.” Slapping my forehead I felt embarrassed and stupid for just airing out our business.

Thats GoodYou have a wonderful night Mrs. Lyant.” He replied before disconnecting.

Taking a prenatal, I pulled my hair into a high bun trying to calm my nerves. Ok clearly your overthinking, It was just a fan.

Ring Ring Ring

I looked at the caller I.D this time seeing a unknown number, I answered the phone swallowing hard.

“Hey babe, I found the perfect condo. Amazing view… you know what that means. Anyway can’t wait to show you …. Talk to you soon…”

Vanessa Jordan & Vick Jordan

I’m here to see Desmond McGee” I snatched the yellow slip.

What you wearing” Desmond asked slouching back holding the phone that connected us.

Nothing” I smiled uncrossing my legs.

You like your new life?” He smirked

No” I cried.

Desmond clinched his jaw, he loved me enough for me to be happy.

Him knowing that I wasn’t happy killed him inside.


This your new brother, sleep on the separate beds.” Mona slammed the door close.

Mona was my foster mother and now Desmond’s too. She didn’t give a damn that he was sixteen and I was thirteen. She just wanted her monthly check and that was all.

First I’m not your sister and I have a gun under my bed if you decide to get touchy feely feely…” I pointed across the room showing him his bed.

What you know about a gun?” Desmond asked throwing his suitcase on the bed.

Try me” I snapped back noticing the gang tattoos covering his neck and arms.


Mona! what the fuck is this!” Frank yelled flipping up my bed.Frank why you doing all that Ga’damn yelling….Oh my Lord Jesus”. Mona stumbled in staring at the loaded gun in her new boyfriends Franks hand.

The only reason why I keep you here is for my own personal reasons, now if them muthafuckas come in my house finding shit like this I swear I’ll make sure I use it on you! you here me Gal?” She asked leaving spit stains all over my face.

I rolled my eyes wiping my face with my shirt, I didn’t give a damn about Mona and she knew it. After mama and papa died I had no one, and I was use to it. After taking a long hot shower and scrubbing Mona’s stank ass breathe off my face, I slipped on a comfortable pair of leggings and pulled out a picture of my family. My mother was Dominican and my father was Venezuelan. I had my mothers deep caramel complexion and my fathers green eyes. My parents were beautiful I thought, It hurt me knowing I was the first and last mixture of them, well that I know of.

Desmond walked in with a white tee and basketball shorts from playing street ball with grown men all day. I cant lie after three weeks of being with him, he followed my rules, cleaned up after himself and to add he was quite handsome.

His almond skin was sun kissed and covered in tattoos that represented who he was and where he had came from. His eyes where a mixture of green and brown. He could’ve been a movie star I thought, watching him pull of his white tee across the room brushing against his soft curly hair, I started to feel something I never felt before.

Did Mona give you a hard time today?” he asked turning on the shower.

His face cringed feeling the freezing water, I smiled covering my face forgetting I used all the hot water.

Yes, Frank found my gun” I smiled watching him jump around in the shower.

Why you smiling? You did this on purpose?” Sticking his head under the water, he pulled back cutting the shower off.

Guess I cant threaten you no more.” Watching him wrap his towel around his waist I looked down at my shorts seeing a wet round stain. Embarrassed I pulled my covers on top of me keeping my eyes locked on Desmond. Pulling my leggings off underneath the cover I watched him while he looked at himself closely in the mirror. Parting two fingers between my lower lips, I imagined Desmond inside of me.

You okay Vanessa?” He asked walking towards me.

Yes!” I panicked pulling my fingers towards my stomach.

Cool” He said walking over to his bed cutting out the lights.

I imagined Desmond sleeping with me, I hated Mona and her rules. I dose off thinking about Desmond and the things he could do to me.

Mmmm Desmond” I gargled out of my sleep seeing Frank leaning over my bed.

He covered my mouth and nose shut stopping me from breathing. My body went into a shock feeling his hands down in my leggings beginning to break my virginity.

I screamed feeling helpless, the room was so dark I searched around the room for Desmond and he was no where in sight, Looking Frank in his eyes I promised myself I would kill this man whenever I had a chance.


Desmond aimed for Franks skull killing him cold. Franks eyes shot open, his grip got weaker and his body fell limp on the side of me.

I screamed feeling blood splatter all over my face and hands. Pushing his body off of me. I ran towards Desmond.

We gotta go..” he said taking his shirt wiping my face.

I stared at Desmond through the thick glass window now separating us. Sometimes I wish he never killed Frank. Desmond was the love of my life and Vick wasn’t. I came from nothing and that’s exactly what I was use to. Finding something out of nothing and making it beautiful was my motto.

Times Up!” The Guard yelled shutting off the phones.

I watched Desmond stand up in chains like he was the worst man on earth. He turned his head ready to go back serving his time all because he was protecting me.

Desmond!” I cried watching him walk back to something I had no control over.

Dammit!” I cried throwing the phone down once again.

Unlocking my 2015 Range Rover Sport I hopped inside turning on my phone. I had forty missed calls from Vick’s assistant.

I’m on the way home what are you talking about?” I asked Vick wondering why he was blowing me up from his assistants phone.

Im coming home Vick!” I hung up the phone, speeding off to our sixteen million dollar estate.

Driving towards our home VJ was engraved in the gates reminding me of who I was married to each time I came home.

Where you been?” Vick asked as I walked in standing in our living room with his towering frame.

The grocery store Vick” I replied siding off my Valentino boots.

Where the fuck are the groceries Vanessa?” He slammed his fist down splattering our coffee glass table that took me five weeks to find. Blood dripped around all four of his championship rings. His eyes were red and tired. I guess he wanted to play the worried husband now since he had all his fucking fun.

Groceries!?” I spat back snatching off all my diamonds throwing them against the shredded expensive glass all over the floor.

You weren’t worried about groceries when you were out there chasing panties getting dome!” I screamed bending down feeling the usual sharp pain in my stomach.

If it wasn’t for me Vick’s dreams would be swirling down the drain. I stared at the man I fell in love with after I lost Desmond. The man that promised me everything, and then snatched it right back.

You gave me HIV! Vick!” I screamed snatching all of our pictures off the mantle slamming them against the broken glass and jewelry.

How could you be so selfish?” I stared at him daring him to ask where I been again.

There’s the fucking groceries!” I rolled my eyes leaving him to look at the mess he created.




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