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BallerAlert gives Thanks….

Finally the time has arrived. One of the two holidays I love the most; THANKSGIVING. Perhaps its the only day in which I starve myself, because I know I will pleasure my tummy for the biggest feast its had in a while. Yes, I’m a bonafide fat girl. I’ve always been told I’m a fat girl trapped in a small womans body. I’m quite sure it’ll catch up to me later, but in the meantime, I will eat, & eat good.

As I take the time to really break down the meaning of this holiday, I actually have plenty to be thankful for. I have a job now, where my passion for writing is being utilized in an abundance. My president is black. I have a great support system in my family & “real” friends. And most of all I’m alive. So with that being said, I can’t complain, nor will I start.

I can’t forget about my balleralert family. Though I don’t know many of you personally, I have adopted you all as part of my own. So I ask you on this day & many days to follow, be thankful & grateful for the small things in life. Take each negative & flip it into a positive.

So to my family, have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. EAT & DRINK to your heart is content. I know I will.

By the way Boss, I will be over for my plate, just let me know when its ready. Thanks! LOL

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