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Ballerific Business Intro: How to Grow Your Business On Social Media

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Social Media is continuously changing day by day. There are so many businesses on social media that sell hair, clothing, shoes, waist trainers, and more. Even though there are quite a few businesses on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and etc.,there are a lot of businesses that do not have any type of experiences. Social media is now becoming a huge way to connect with people, and many businesses contact us for potential features or advertising. Your instagram page is kind of your business card and there are a few things that customers look for, and some things that will completely turn us off.

I have decided to write up a blog post that will help your business and not drive away the potential customers.

Check out a few of my steps that I feel will keep the customers wanting more:

1. Private Pages 


One of my biggest pet peeves is a private business page. As a potential customer, I don’t’ want to send a request to check out your products. If I see someone promoting your business and I click on your page, I don’t want to wait for an approval to spend my money. Keeping your page private will drive the customers away and you will lose business. If I see someone selling the same product that was advertised and I can’t reach your page, I am going to spend my money on the open page. It is frustrating for customers and potential customers.

Private business pages are very common nowadays and it is pretty annoying, especially if you pay for advertisement to a huge platform. Many companies pay for advertisement and when their page is clicked on, you have to wait until they want to accept. I understand some businesses don’t want others stealing their pictures but there are ways to prevent that…. Which leads me to WATERMARKING.

I have come across many business pages that use some of the same pictures. If you are starting a business, then you should invest in your craft. Spend that extra money for photography to set you apart from other businesses. Once you have you invested in your photos, protect them by adding watermarks with either your business name or your logo. You will be glad that you did.

Watermarking your photos is very important if you don’t want other businesses to steal your pics. Now, I am not saying businesses still won’t try ,but try to protect your brand. Your brand is your baby and you want to always treat it as such.

Lastly, do not use wholesale photos to promote your pieces, then add a watermark to it. That is pretty amateur and shows lack of effort. If you believe in your brand, others will grow to believe in it too. You have to spend money to make money.


3. Originality


When shopping via social media, potential customers are looking for originality and quality. A lot of men and women want ORIGINALITY. We don’t want to wear what everyone has on. Try adding items that set you apart from other designers and/or boutique owners. Also, add exclusive pieces to your site. Your customers will truly appreciate it and will spread the word.

Also, make sure product is of good quality. The worst thing that can happen to a customer is buying something from you and it has poor stitching, rips easily, or looks like it will fit toddler. Check out your products first before showcasing them to the world. Word of mouth can either help you or harm you.


4.  Website and E-Commerce Capability



Make sure you have an easy and functional website for customers to navigate. Customers become frustrated if your website is confusing and if you don’t offer payments from major credit cards or paypal. I personally love paying with paypal because it is safe and they protect you from fraudulent charges.

Invest in a website. There is nothing wrong with using some of the websites that are made available like, Big Cartel, Shopify, and more. But please make sure that it is clean and not thrown together. This is your business, so make sure that it is appealing and functional for all.


5. Personal vs. Business Page



Separate business from personal. Having a lot of selfies and quotes that are personal can drive customers away. Keep them focused on your product, promotions, and everything business related. Remember to keep it professional. It would be best to have to have separate pages: personal and business page.

Having one or two motivational quotes are fine, but make sure that at least 95% of your posts are about your product. Now, Instagram has added a business profile that is simply amazing and useful for businesses. With the business profile, you can add a contact button with your business number and email address. Did I mention that it is a FREE option?

The Business Profile will eliminate others from asking a lot of questions under your pictures and in your DM. Don’t answer business related questions via comments. You will find yourself repeating the same thing over and over. When you start answering questions via comments, you can find it to become frustrating. Best advice: Direct them to your email!

6. Advertise



Finally, advertisement is a great tool to grow your business. Advertisement is great for a lot businesses especially with as big as social media is. If you are trying to get your clothes and/or product out to a big audience, then you should definitely consider advertising. Just about every blog, including Baller Alert, has advertising slots, email them for inquiries. Advertisement is not always guaranteed, but it’s worth a shot.

I have also noticed a lot of socialites that charge for advertising as well. There is nothing wrong with getting your product out to a variety of people. Many complain about blogs and celebrities charging to advertise, but you have to think about this…Do you think your favorite retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and etc. get free advertising? Nope, not all! Like I stated before, invest in your brand.

I hope you guys have enjoyed the post and hope it helps. What would you add to assist business owners in helping their business via social media?

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