Sunglasses are a must have if you are a fashionista. Sunglasses can add to any outfit and polish any look. More than just making a fashion statement they are a necessity to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

My favorite style right now are Aviators. I love the over-sized glasses.

There are so many different styles:

Wraps – Extending past the eye to the temple, this style “wraps” around the face.
Shields – One-piece shields have a modern look and are often partially rimmed or rimless and come in a wide range of tints.
Aviators – Shaped like a teardrop, metal-rimmed aviators have enjoyed waves of trendiness since WWII when pilots favored this style.
Clip-ons – An easy way to convert prescription eyeglasses to sunwear, clip-on shades can attach with either clips or magnets.

Here are a few styles that I like that were found on the Neiman Marcus website:

If you can’t afford these shades..Target has some of these same frames for much less.

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