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Ballerific Fashion: Gucci Rips Off Dapper Dan & People Are Angry

Dapper Dan

A few weeks agoGucci showcased their 2018 Cruise collection and immediately they received a lot of flack for a familiar piece that was spotted on the runway.


Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele,  designed a puffy-shouldered fur jacket with all-over monogrammed sleeves. The jacket is very similar to a jacket Dapper Dan once produced using Louis Vuitton’s signature monogram motif in 1980.

If you’re not familiar with Dapper Dan, this was the go-to guy for hip-hop for some of the hottest custom pieces. Known as Harlem’s hip-hop tailer, Dapper Dan has been serving unique pieces since the 1980’s. Dapper Dan was most known to turn inspired Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Fendi prints imported from Korea, into one of a kind, eye-catching fashions and sell them out of his boutique. Dapper Dan became a celebrity favorite. His influence re-emerged in the early 2000’s, with hip-hop and fashion enthusiasts customizing their shoes, clothes and even cars with Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry and Fendi logos. As you can expect, the luxury brands weren’t too happy.


In the 80’s, rappers like LL Cool J, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, and more couldn’t get Gucci to open their doors to them, so they went to Dapper who made custom look a likes with a hip hop spin to them.

Unfortunately, Dapper Dan was eventually shut down in a raid by an anti-counterfeiting squad, who viewed his work as infringing on the intellectual property of the luxury brands. It’s unfortunate because Dan was really giving hip hop their street-ready looks with the use of high fashion.


Many are not happy about the copying of Dapper Dan, especially when the same brand closed the doors to the looks and didn’t give hip hop a chance. Check out the bubbled sleeve jacket that was rocked on the Gucci Cruise 2018 show.

Do you think Alessandro Michele ripped off Dapper Dan or could this lead to a possible collaboration?

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  1. Errrbody wanna be us…culture vultures!

  2. It’s tailor not trailer

    • So they busted him for using their logos for people they refused to dress; black people. Then only later to copy his pieces and use them in their own lines!?! They should have hired him as a designer and not went after him. This just proves they don’t want us wearing their clothes and labels. So why would we continue to put our money in their pockets? This site included endorses such designers!!! This is not doing better! This is a slap in the face!
      When are we as a people going to do better? NEVER! Cause in less than a week this site will be featuring one of these labels and making us think we need their products but as we can see these people don’t want us!!!!

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