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Ballerific Fashion News: Lane Bryant Celebrates Stretch Marks & #BodyPosi In New Ad

In recent months, fashion lovers have been expressing their concerns with today’s fashion industry. More and more people would love to see diversity on the covers of magazines and on the runway, especially as it pertains to plus size women.  We’ve seen more plus size models in print ads and even though Sports Illustrated has been adding curvier models to their magazine,  the question still arises, “are they being photoshopped?”  When even a model that looks your size is being airbrushed, is it truly celebrating body positivity?


In the latest issue of Sports Illustrated, there is an ad that is putting the imperfections on display for the world to see.


Lane Bryant’s Cacique Swim Line has been featured in Sport’s Illustrated for a couple of years, but one thing readers have not seen is an untouched photo. The latest ad aims to break that cycle by featuring model, Denise Bidot, wearing a nautical print swimsuit and showing off her beautiful body. Her photo is untouched, with her stretch marks showing visibly on her stomach. Although some may not like the photo, this is her body and this is reality. Many women deal with stretch marks due to weight loss or weight gain. Rather than hiding behind the photoshopped pics, Bidot wanted the world to see the meaning of “imperfections.”


The top of the photo reads, “My Confidence … Inspired by #ThisBody.” This is a big deal for Sports Illustrated magazine because up until recently, there haven’t been any plus size models featured within its pages. In 2015, we were able to see a change when Ashley Graham took the cover and showed off her curves. Who knows, maybe we will see more untouched plus size women in more magazines. Well, at least we can say that fashion is heading in a diverse direction.


Thoughts on the Lane Bryant Ad?

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