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Ballerific Fashion Tips: How To Save For Your Favorite Designer Bag

I came across a great article from The Lady Loves Couture by Marjorie Harvey on how to save for a designer bag and wanted to share it you. I know there are many designers that comes across our path that catches our eye and wish we could add them to our collection. Trust me, I understand how our eyes get bigger than our wallet. Sometimes, you just want to treat yourself to something really nice that you have had your eyes on for a while.

When I think of a designer bag, I think about Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Tom Ford, and more. When making such a huge investment, be sure to purchase something that is resalable and/or timeless. Chanel has been around for years and their vintage bags that have been resold are sometimes better than the newer collection. As a mother, a wife, and hardworking woman, there is absolutely nothing wrong with splurging on yourself. We do so much for our children and household, that we forget about ourselves.

So lets check out a few tips that I gathered from The Lady Loves Couture:

1. Skip the lattes. Instead of buying a $4 cup of fancy coffee every day before work, opt for a cup of regular coffee at half the price (Savings $520 per year). If you want to save more money, faster, brew your coffee at home and carry it with you in a to go cup (Savings $1040 per year). 

2. Do your own manicures. The average price of a basic manicure is $12 before tip and if you are a part of the gel manicure craze, then you are paying on average $35 before tip. Paint your own nails and extend the length of your manicures by using an at home gel top coat (Savings between $288 and $600 per year). At your local Walgreens, you can grab the Sally Hensen gel polish for a fraction of the cost.

3. One drink limit. We all love and often need, that after work or long day with kids drink! A few ways to save money while you enjoy cocktails, is to go during happy hour when restaurants offer drink specials or half price wine. If happy hour is not the right time for you, then only have one glass of wine instead of 2. The average price for a glass of wine is $8-$10. These drink-for-less tips can you save you an average of $400 per year.

4. Bring your own lunch. It is fun to eat out with coworkers for lunch, but this habit can be costly. On average you will spend around $10 per day for lunch, that’s $50 per week! If you can commit to bringing a microwave meal or even bringing a homemade sandwich and sides (at least 3 times per week) to the office, you can save over $1000 per year! Meal prep is a great option too. Start fixing your lunch on Sunday for the entire week!

5. Do your own hair. Most women spend between $35-$50 on a basic shampoo and style. Save your professional hair visits for when you are need of maintenance services only, such as color or a haircut. By doing your hair at home, you can save at least $500 per year. 

Overall,  I thought those were some great tips. You don’t realize how much you spend on essentials until  you start cutting back. I am going to give it a try and I will keep you posted on my journey. I guess I will cut back on eating out and settle for doing my own nails.

Are you ladies willing to try and save for your favorite designer bag?

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