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Ballerific Fashion: Toya Wright Wearing Fendi’s Multi-Colored Studded Sandal

Our Ballerific Foot Werk segment is one of my absolute favorites. I love being able to share some of the hottest heels, sandals, sneakers, and etc. Back in March, we shared Fendi’s multi-colored sandals as our Ballerific Foot Werk. We knew the statement sandals would look amazing with an outfit that is simple — since the sandals would do all the talking. 

Toya Wright recently posted to her Instagram wearing the sandals styled with a black a dress. The look was very simple, but you can’t help but notice the stand out sandal. Seeing the sandals on brings them to life even more. Definitely a must-have for the summer!

The sandals can be styled with a solid dress like Toya Wright, or if you are looking for a more fun approach, you can style the sandals with a dress with colors in the sandals. The sandals are truly a statement shoe, so you don’t want to go overboard. There is nothing wrong with having fun with the look. 

The black leather Fendi sandals are decorated with pyramid studs in a variety of colors, adjustable ankle strap and decorative buckle at the instep are made from pimento red and gray lizard-print leather with lizard-print toe detail.

Today’s Ballerific Foot Werk can be purchased at Neiman Marcus and Fendi’s website. Thoughts?

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