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Ballerific Fashion: How to Wear Your Curves For New Years Eve

The New Year’s Eve is approaching and I am sure everyone is hitting the scene in some of their hottest ensembles. Many have planned for New Years Eve since Thanksgiving. When dressing for this occasion, you have to ensure that you are dressing for your body. Dressing for New Years Eve is basically how you want to enter the New Year. To ensure that you look great on NYE, I have a few rules on How to Dress for your Curves. Dressing for your curves will keep you looking sexy and comfortable while still having an amazing time.

Rule #1: Dress for Body

There are many women that do not know what it means to dress for their body. This basically means, you can still look sexy but ensure that your look compliments you. The last thing you want is to look uncomfortable on an evening of fun. The dress does not have to be a bodycon. There are beautiful dresses that  flow that will still give you the sexiness you desire.

Also, you do not have to result to just wearing dresses. You can opt for maxi skirts, trousers, or jumpsuits. They can be styled with a faux fur, blazers, or stoles to add that extra “sass” that you are looking for.

Rule #2 Limit the Sequin Apparel

NYE has always been about the sequins but of course there are some do’s and don’ts when wearing them. Do not wear sequins from head to toe. There is a such thing as too much sequins. You do not want to look like a disco ball all night. Keep it simple with a sequin blazer, sandals, jumpsuit, skirt, or top….BUT do not wear them all together.

Check out our inspiration post here that features different ways to wear sequins.

Rule #3 Be Confident and Slay

Confidence comes a long way, especially in the world of fashion. When planning for events, pick out your pieces at least a month in advance. You want to make sure the pieces fit comfortably and the way you want it to. Also, so this will give you time to get any tailoring that needs to be done. Although this may sound simple but it is a necessity. Plan accordingly ladies!

Now that you have the rules to slay this NYE, ensure that you are confident, classy, and have lots of fun. Be safe Baller Alert family!


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