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Ballerific Foot Werk: Yves Saint Laurent Opyum Appelle Moi Patent Text Heel Pump

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Ballerific Foot Werk is more than just rocking designer brands. It’s about showcasing some of the most unique, hot, and chic foot werk for the stylish and super fashionable. When it comes to style, it is all about being able to stand out from the rest while adding a hint of “umph’ to your look. Take a simple look and add statement shoes. Leave your mark wherever you decide to show off your style.

Let’s get into today’s foot werk from Saint Laurent.

Founded in 1961, Yves Saint Laurent was the first couture house to introduce, in 1966, the concept of luxury prêt-à-porter with a collection called “Saint Laurent Rive Gauche,” synonymous with youth and freedom. This shift represented a first critical step in the modernization of fashion and revolutionized the socio-cultural landscape. Throughout the years, the House’s groundbreaking styles have become iconic cultural and artistic references, and its founder, the couturier Yves Saint Laurent, secured a reputation as one of the twentieth century’s foremost designers.

The patent leather pumps feature a 4.1″ open heel with Appelle Moi (“call me”) text base. To add a bit of sass the, pump has a pointed toe  and V’d low-cut vamp with adjustable ankle strap. The pumps are available at Neiman Marcus for $1,095, if you are up for the splurge.

Thoughts on today’s Ballerific Foot Werk?

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