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Ballerific Music: August Alsina Releases “Hip Hop” (Video) – blogged by @niksofly

This week is just turning out to be a great week in music.  Fans across the world are finally getting a glimpse of the youngin’, August Alsina’s , interpretation of Hip Hop. Earlier this year, Bae (as he is most commonly referred to) released the old school anthem (produced by Knuckle head) exciting the palette of listeners.  Premiering the video Sunday night,  Alsina is giving his fans some food for thought .


Directed by the talented, Payne Lindsey, this video is all about change. We have grown to love the  New Orleans native’s transparency. He doesn’t shy away from living in his truth. Being conscious of where he comes from, Alsina has used his life experiences to shine light on rising above the influence.  With his latest visual release, it does exactly that.


Drawing viewers in, Lindsey takes us to Aug’s hometown of New Orleans.   We walk down memory lane as August recalls his age when Biggie was shot. In the humble walls of a quaint home, August finds comfort in “praying for better days”. The dope visual pays homage to the #BlackLivesMatter cause as well as highlights the social  iniquities faced by many blacks.  As a woman and child take turns studying the television in their abode, clips from past protests are meshed with the Aug leading what I perceived as a new one. The symbolism is awesome. If we think about it, Hip-Hop’s  was previously used to shine light onto the issues of our communities. Some have strayed, but it’s refreshing to see Aug pick up the torch.  His visuals never disappoint. “Hip Hop” is the first single from the juvie’s sophomore album slated to be released this fall. I’m excited.

About that album, Aug, let BA get that exclusive review? ( Inserts smile). 

Peep the video below…

-Niko Rose

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