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Ballerific Music: Kirko Bangz and Ty Dolla $ign Release “In Her Lane” : blogged by @niksofly

Kirko Bangz has just released his new single “In Her Lane”. This time the “Rich” artist teamed up with “Paranoid” crooner, Ty Dolla Sign to pay homage to the females that know how to play by the rules. The melodic track features a hypnotic cadence that addresses the parameters of a cut-ship!. No matter the feelings involved, each participant is encouraged to remain disconnected. That’s right ladies, you can not check your bae’s  social media activity or call logs. Gentlemen there will be no empty promises of the world after sex nor will your baddie be spending the night. After your rendevouz ends so does the dedication to one another. Your partner should be concerned more with his/her life than what involves you


Produced by Sound MOB, “In Her Lane”  is a step-by-step manual to the “friends with benefits”. No matter how charming your friend may be, it shall be nothing more  nor anything less than a casual relationship. It’s 2015. If individuals are okay with being casual in their dealings, they should at least know how to operate within the relationship. If you don’t have the commitment title, you don’t get the privilege of the knowing who, what , when and why.  Whether your bae is hottie or thottie, one thing is for sure,  Kirko Bangz and Ty Dolla Sign want no parts of a female that can’t stay “In Her Lane”. 


Check it out here.




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