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Ballerific Music: Tamia – “Love Life” (Album Review) : blogged by @niksofly

Tamia is the type of artist whose voice requires your undivided attention.  She welcomes you into her world one run at a time causing you to not notice that you have been entranced. Before you realize it, hours have passed. Her vocals are intoxicating.  Her content is that glass of merlot that you cannot put down. Each sip is more inviting. You want to savor the fullness of your glass. Love Life is a body of work that answers the question of “Where is good music?” Apparently it is tucked away, fermenting. It is waiting for the perfect moment when its body and structure can be appreciated.  For three years those that appreciate good music waited for the Canadian songstress to please our musical palette. The wait is now over.


What makes this project solid is the growth that Tamia has displayed. Her vocals caress the curves of the production as if it is its last journey. The riffs are mild, but intentional. Her seductive tone eases the listener into her world. I immediately fell in love with “Stuck With Me”. Tamia’s control as she displays her range is incredible. The sound is reminiscent of a soulful era.  This is the track that restores faith into the commitment facet of a relationship. “Sandwich and a Soda” walks the fine lines of reservation and carnal pleasures.  Tamia’s  tone and texture assists in the seduction while the imagery is kept PG 13. The balance creates a sexual song that is very relevant and reflective of a previous time in music. “Lipstick” is a song of submission.  It’s gentle beat pairs well with the flirtatious lyrics. “No Where” and “Love Falls Over Me” are tracks that command you to move. Their unexpected rhythm is a refreshing spin on the subject matter. “Chaise Lounge”  has that Teddy Pendergrass’ direction in “Turn Off  The Lights”. It is direct and sexual, yet the richness of Tamia’s voice erases the parameters of a woman making love to her man. “No Lie” is all about proclaimation and pride. Tamia confesses her undying love for her man. It is honest. A beautiful jewel is the song “Black Butterfly”.  It is a song of progression. There isn’t a track that I don’t like. Each song offers something that I fancy.


All things considered, this is a solid effort from Tamia. It isn’t her debut album, but the songs are reflective of where she is at in her life at this point. You cannot place  expectations on an artist of Tamia’s caliber because she will evolve defying those expectations.  You accept her want to evolve and enjoy the beautiful music she offers.


Love Life…Cop it on iTunes!


Listen to “Sandwich and a Soda” below.




-Niko Rose

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