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Ballerific Music: The Real Story Behind R. Kelly & Mr. Biggs (VIDEO)

If you’re a 90’s R&B head like myself, you’ve probably witnessed the longstanding feud between R. Kelly and Mr. Biggs (Ron Isley). Year after year and song after song these two were at each other’s necks. Finally we attempt to break down the backstory behind this onscreen R&Beef that spanned nearly a decade. 

1 – R. Kelly – “Down Low” (1995)

The beef begins with Frank aka Mr. Biggs (Ron Isley)  hiring R. Kelly to watch over his girlfriend Lila Heart (Garcelle Beauvais) while he’s off at a business trip. Things get steamy between R. Kelly and Lila form an attraction pretty quickly and begin carrying on a love affair behind Mr. Biggs’ back. Mr. Biggs catches wind of their trysts and has his goons catch Lila and R. Kelly in the act. They brutally beat R. Kelly and dump his body in the desert. Lila also gets beaten, so badly that she dies in the hospital. 

Lila’s death must of took Mr. Biggs hard. Losing someone he loved so much made him realize  nothing is more important than family. 

And speaking of family..

2 – Kelly Price ft. R. Kelly & Ron Isley – “Friend Of Mine” (1998)

R. Kelly ends up marrying Kelly Price, Mr. Biggs’ god daughter. R. Kelly being the man-whore he is, however, couldn’t stay faithful and ended up sleeping with Kelly’s best friend behind her back. Kelly finds out about her man’s relationship with her best friend and confides in Mr. Biggs. Now, Biggs isn’t one who likes to see his god daughter cry, so he has Kelly call her man so he can get some answers. R. Kelly tries to deny the entire thing, saying that Kelly is jumping to conclusions about his relationship with her best friend. Mr. Biggs gives R. Kelly a stern warning, he better treat his goddaughter right or there will be consequences. Needless to say, Kelly got the confidence to up and divorce her cheating husband. I’m assuming she also got the confidence to beat the breaks off her homegirl, but I’m not one to gossip.

3 – Chante Moore – “Bitter” (2000)

Chante has had her heart broken by her husband and the only way to mend a broken heart is by filling herself with some new d*ck. Don’t believe me? Try it. It works. Anyway, while spending yet another night alone, Chante invites R. Kelly over for a nightcap. She’s still not 100% happy though, so she burns the house down. Now she feels great. Nothing says “F-ck You, N-gga” like burning down his apartment. 

4 – The Isley Brothers ft. Chante Moore – “Contagious” (2001)

Chante moves on to a new man, Mr. Biggs, who puts her up in a lavish mansion. Way better than the one bedroom apartment she was in before. You would think with this new upgrade she would be on her best behavior. Nope! The minute Mr. Biggs leaves for business, she’s calling her side piece, R. Kelly, back for more. Mr. Biggs gets an uneasy feeling about leaving his home and rushes back to find Chante and R. Kelly in bed. He begins chastising Chante for being a complete thot and is ready to send her back to the slums where she came from. 

Mr. Biggs doesn’t immediately recognize R. Kelly, since it’s been roughly 6 years since they’ve last encountered face to face, but when Kellz slipped up and called Mr. Biggs by his name, it was at that point he realized he f-cked up. Luckily Kellz had his goons outside waiting for him so he escaped without a scratch on him this time.

6 – The Isley Brothers ft. Avant – “Secret Lover” (2001)

Despite  sleeping with two of Mr. Biggs’ girls, cheating on Mr. Biggs goddaughter and narrowly escaping Biggs’ mansion with his life, R. Kelly is feeling froggy and wants to crash a yacht where Mr. Biggs and friends will be partying. Shamar Moore tries to convince him that’s not a good idea but Kellz is feeling invincible. He clearly forgot about that beat down Biggs served him back in the “Down Low” days 6 years ago. He had a patch over his eye. He needs to chill. But I digress, Kellz brings the fight to Biggs.  Before Kellz gets to the club, however, Mr. Biggs’ goons recognize Shamar Moore lurking. Clearly they know he’s friends with R. Kelly, so they want to see what he’s up to. They rough him up, tie him to a chair, and grill him with questions. Shamar Moore being the loyal homie he is, doesn’t say a word. Luckily Kellz and his crew pull a James Bond and hop on the yacht to save him. 

R. Kelly gets away on his speed boat before Mr. Biggs could catch up with him. Yet again he’s lucked up. Maybe Frank is getting old and losing his touch?

7 – The Isley Brothers ft. R. Kelly – “What Would You Do?” (2003)

R. Kelly brings the beef to Mr. Biggs once again, this time while Biggs is in concert, wooing his female fans. During Biggs’ performance, R. Kelly crashes the stage and takes all the shine away from Frank. Instead of causing too much of a scene, Mr. Biggs just joins Kellz in a duet. He’s obviously too old for the bullshit and I don’t blame him. At the end of the show the two manage to not kill each other. Despite Mr. Biggs’ background singer Asia (Kandy Johnson) making googly eyes at R.Kelly, every one lives to see another day. 

Don’t think that means R. Kelly would stop being petty, though. 

8 – The Isley Brothers ft. Kandy Johnson of JS – “Busted” (2003)

At some point Asia and R. Kelly begin messing around behind Mr. Biggs back. What’s this, three women now?  Asia is a dangerous one too. She’s young, sexy, and doesn’t care the slightest about getting caught. She creeps into the house at 2am, making up lies about where she’s been all night. She can’t even keep her lies straight. Frank aint no fool though, he gets his brother to watch surveillance from that night and what does he find out? Asia has been creeping with R. Kelly. Busted! 

Mr. Biggs learned his lesson though. He didn’t put hands on her like he did Lila. Probably ended up spending time behind bars over that too. This time he just puts Asia out the house.  Apparently things got better for Asia after she left Biggs’ home. She moved to Beverly Hills and married a rich priest. R. Kelly ended up getting a home right around the corner from Mr. Biggs, because how else is gonna keep stealing his women? 

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