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Ballerific Music: The Rotation 2 : Audio blogged by @niksofly

If it’s bumping, I’m on it. I’m all about music and finding the hottest songs to add to my rotation. I like traveling back in time just as much as I love hearing that new fire. Sometimes it isn’t the radio single from a mainstream artist. It may be the jewel that is on the album or the gem an independent artist has. Whatever the case may be, I want share the songs that are currently in my rotation. While you may be familiar with some, you can thank me later for the others.


This week, UNDERAPPRECIATED is the theme with emphasis on R&B/SOUL. These artists may get recognition of some sort, but I honestly don’t believe the appreciation is there. This quad is incredibly talented. They offer quality and content.  Their music is a reflection of the beautiful minds these individuals possess. . 

Check Out:

Tamia : “Stuck With Me” –  I say it all the time and I will continue to say it again : Tamia is the type of artist whose voice requires your undivided attention. Love Life has been on repeat since it dropped.  I absolutely adore “Stuck With Me”. This song is everything  the summer represents: passion, love and life ( no pun intended). There are a select few artists that never disappoint me musically. Tamia is one of them.


Luke James :  “I Want You” –  James is soulful, compelling and irresistibly beautiful (musically). His vocal control as he takes listeners from the bellows of his soul to lofts of his falsetto is one of the many wonders in music. Luke is raw. There aren’t any forced runs and riffs in his voice. It is organic. It’s pure.  “I Want You” is one of his older songs, but  the confession of his heart is still relevant and beautiful.

Marsha Ambrosius: “So Good”   I have loved Ms. Ambrosius since her Floetry days. “Say Yes” is still one of my favorite jams.  I adored the collaboration with Jamie Foxx on  “Freakin’ Me”.  Her voice is incredible. It does tricks with ease. “So Good” from the F!ck & Love EP she gifted fans with last year is sensual. Marsha can sing some of the most erotic songs and it still comes across as PG-13 because her voice is so angelic. 


James Blake: “ Retrograde”- Let’s just take a moment and appreciate the UK for giving music junkies some incredible acts. James Blake is by far one of my fave acts.  He reminds me of Sunday dinner.  That love and care that is placed into food is found in Blake’s voice. It’s textured and passionate. Overgrown plays from beginning to end with “Retrograde” and its electronic influences are one of my faves.



-Niko Rose

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