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Ballerific Music – Trey Songz Gives Fans Intermission : blogged by @niksofly

The sexiness of the album, Trigga,  still seduces my sound system. There is something about the carnal ways of Trey Songz’ tone and his proclamation to be the best lover/side piece a woman has had that soothes the insatiable appetite of fans. Trigga could have very well continued being the most current work from Tremaine, but sometime Wednesday Mr. Steal Your Girl released the six-track EP, Intermission. If you follow Songz on social media,  he has had an ingenious marketing campaign remixing blooper reels with his “Slow Motion” single creating anticipation for the unknown.  SURPRISE! 


Whether this is something to tie fans over until he releases his new project or new music just because,  Intermission teases and pleases. “Don’t Play” has that come hither sound Jamie Foxx gave us with “Can I Take You Home”.  He needs to know if you are down for the trading of sex faces because there are other girls willing to take your place if you aren’t. “Change” is a song  where Songz takes onus for his actions reminding his love she doesn’t have to become better,that is his job. “Talk About It” sings praises to the chick that is his voice of reason and center of peace. In true Trigga fashion,  Trey gives listeners that one song that reminds them why he is Mr. Steal Your Girl.  “Good Girls  vs Bad Girls” is fleshly. [I’m on it baby / You got my love until the morning baby/Don’t give a f*ck we in the moment baby/ Always with a new one/Cause it’s so hard to choose one/Bad girls ain’t never been good for me/ good girls ain’t never been enough for me]. What about a mix Trey? Huh? Can she be good with an edge? (I’m joking) . “Boss” would be my favorite track thus far. It has the underlying g -funk of the 90’s with a touch of Trey’s lecherous ways and who doesn’t like when your boo can boss up? I dig it.


Six songs is never enough from Trey, but  eh, it’s better than nothing.


Check out Intermission :











-Niko Rose

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