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Ballerific Relationships: “But You Say He’s Just A Friend…”: By: @milagreee


“But he’s my best friend!” I’m ready for all the negativity this post is going to bring because I’m exceptionally biased on this topic.
Girls with straight guys as best friends is a overly looked over topic that was brought to my attention by a friend of mine. The topic intrigued me, and the male point of view further made me think more of this situation.

Now, like him, I feel as though the possibility of a man and a woman being best friends is, quite frankly impossible. One of them wants sex, or more. Although the one party might be totally naive to this fact; they might really think it is a possibility that they’re just friends, the fact of the matter is he wants you.

To cause more of a stir, let’s say this woman is in a relationship with a man. Let’s call him “B.” Now this same woman has a best friend who happens to be a straight male, we’ll call him “F”. She hangs out with F alone, all the time.

They do things her man doesn’t want to do with her, such as dancing, museums, and shows. Hell, he might even sit down and watch a ratchet tv show her man refuses to watch. What she isnt recieving from her man, she is getting from her male friend.

What do you think is happening during these interactions? There is a connection being made. All the while, She has a man at home, who she is depriving of connecting with her on this type of level.

“F” is putting in work, attempting to be there for her and do the things her man doesn’t want to. Hoping, she’ll realize that she would be happier with him than with B. “

Now, she could have the most secure, non- jealous man who might even get along with F but the fact of the matter is that regardless of her inexistent attraction to F, F is sitting on the back burner waiting to be the shoulder She cries on when things are going sour with B. He’s hoping she will just turn around and say, “you’re the one for me!”

Then comes social media into play. She’ll post a picture hugging her best friend and post a quote under about how he’s the best person in the world and the best guy she could ever know. Her man, if he gives a damn about her, should and rightly so, get upset.  He should be furious. The fact that you can display this sort of emotion on social media to her bestfriend and not her boyfriend should cause her man to get upset.

Now, people are questioning whether or not she is even faithful to her man. They are questioning her relationship and although you shouldn’t worry about what people think, you should have enough respect for your man to: (a) respect him. Don’t post lovey dovey pictures with another man. Best friend or not. It’s flat out disrespectful. You are allowing the world to see how little you respect your man. Relationships require compromise and if your man doesnt want you to post things like that, than weigh the cons and pros, and unless you feel his feelings are unwarrented, make him happy.

If you reverse the roles and your man is posting pictures of his girl bestfriend, you know damn right you would b*itch like it’s nobodies business. I dont condone double standards and you should treat your man with dignity and respect as you would want him to treat you. (b) open your naive eyes wide enough to see the bigger picture, this F man wants you and by continuing to hang out with him you’re also filling him with hope and that won’t end well especially if you already have a man. Again, just reverse the roles. it would not be okay for your man to take his female bestfriend for coffee or to a movie. I’d walk up in that coffee house with a machete, like best friends??? Nah, Felicia.

I’m not saying that it isn’t possible for two people of opposite sexes to be bestfriends but someone is bound to get hurt. If your in a committed relationship then that’s exactly what I am saying.

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