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Ballerific Relationships – Gone Fishing By: @milagreee

Give a woman 10 men, and they’ll choose, give a man 10 women and they’ll play” – Matthew Hussey

The absurdity of the cat and mouse game is incredibly frustrating and absolutely annoying when you’re a grown woman in search of a meaningful relationship. It’s baffling how a man can go from 1000 to nothing in a matter of days,  just to try and sweep you off your feet and in little to no time as soon as you show the slightest interest, they start back peddling. One of the biggest mistakes we can make as women is to always believe the “I don’t play games line.” Give me a BREAK. The belief that they actually don’t play games comes from the WANTING you have to find a MAN and not a BOY, that actually is genuine and is searching for the same type of relationship that you are, but the fact of the matter is that you just might have to play.</p> Or not.

<p>Regardless of your standards, regardless of the pointlessness in pretending that you are not interested, you might have to pretend to be. Some of us wear our hearts on our sleeves and are romantics at heart so when we sense that a guy we are interested in starts to like us, or feign interest in us, we fall for it, because all we are after is the prince charming to our Cinderella. But the problem to us reacting that way is that, as soon as we show just a tad bit of interest, dude starts the slow dip. Let me define the slow dip. The slow dip is when he gradually shows less and less attention your way. It’s the classic pull away that more often than not you have experienced. It is also a classic sign of IMMATURITY.</p>
<p>Most of these boys,(yes, boys not men) give you a little, you reciprocate(even push a couple of your standards to the side to meet them halfway) and they pull away, slowly but surely. How rude would you feel if you were interested in a guy and he sent you all these nice things and you just were cold and nasty? Is that what they want from you?

Apparently, that keeps the chase going. The ones that do pull away are just that, boys. Boys, who aren’t ready to be in any type of committed monogamous relationship but still enjoy this whole chase, yawn.</p>

<p>They love the challenge of “wooing” you until you start to fall for them. Once they think that they have you, they move on to the next challenge. They’re bored now. Boys need new toys to play with and to these boys, that’s all you are, a toy. Something to captivate their interest for a little while.  But ladies, please understand that it doesn’t matter how beautiful, smart, and accomplished you are, this isn’t about you and it never was. This whole thing was a game to him, from the beginning and the only way you would keep his interest is if you fed into this stupid cat and mouse game, which is bound to end anyway.</p>

<p>Its about a little boy’s ego and you are the prize for about ten minutes or two. He might just not be ready for a fully committed relationship, although he says things that make you believe that he is. He says things and doesn’t follow through on them. He isn’t reliable. He may think you’re the one for about 5 minutes and change his mind, over and over. Do not sit there and feed into this crap. He will string you along for as long as he wants to as his mind changes over and over again. Rather than being the man that he should be at his age, it is easier to string you along like the little boy he actually is.
 Pay attention to the Hot then luke warm and then cold behavior you get from this boy and run. He’s full of it. You show a bit of NORMAL attraction back to him and you can feel the pull away bullsh*t. It is not your job to raise this child, that was mommy’s job. He might be emotionally unavailable for other reasons, see my other blog for that one. Toodles, Baes.

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