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Ballerific Relationships: Why You Need To Google Your Dates – blogged by @SirRatchettness

It’s the age of information and people are not taking full advantage of all the resources available.  With the need for people to put their entire lives on social media and other sites, I feel like I would be doing myself a disservice by not taking a slight glance over before committing myself to dating someone.


I actually Googled the last couple of dudes I entertained because I didn’t want my time wasted and it helps me point out liars and creeps from the beginning. The main site that will reveal the most information is Facebook. Facebook will tell you schooling, work history, what type of friends he keeps, what his ex-girlfriends use to look like, side families, etc. Nothing is more revealing then the tagged photo album on Facebook!

Asking for things like “Are you on Instagram” or “Hey, what’s your Twitter” are some of the easiest ways to start online investigating your potential new man. You can see if he is the type to sit around entertaining other women online all day or if he lies about his lifestyle. One time I went on a date with someone who stayed in the mall shopping on Instagram and was driving a brand new Dodge Challenger, but complained about the bill at Cheesecake Factory. You have to remember, men who actually have a lot of money don’t showcase it for the world in a flashy way. You might notice an expensive watch in their pictures or them eating in a 5 star restaurant, but they aren’t going to make the focal point.


Another thing you can use Google for is to see if they are lying about their profession. Once I have a person’s first and last name or their “business” name, I’m looking for a LinkedIn page. Everyone of a certain importance has one even if it hasn’t been recently updated. Even if someone lies about a job on their page, their connections and endorsements on there will tell the truth. I once was talking to a dude who said he worked for the A&R department of Universal music in the UK and he kept name dropping his manager’s name. So of course when the looked up the dude’s page he had it listed on his page but none of his connections added up to that. So I decided to look up his manager’s page instead and nothing popped up. I even went as far as to look up Universal’s employee directory and still couldn’t find anything. Was I being extra? Yes. But did I find out the truth? I sure did.


You would also be surprised what you find in public records. If for nothing else but your safety, I suggest you Google his name and make sure no mug shots or criminal records pop up. Sites like InstantCheckMate.com will do a background check for a monthly subscription. There are even websites where you can pay a $14.99 fee to find out if someone is married. You would be surprised how many of these ballers out here have secret lives, wives, babies, etc. 


You have to be careful with the information you find out though. There is going to be nothing more embarrassing than slipping up and mentioning something that you found out before he brought it up first.  And always remember, be prepared for what you may find. Sometimes if you go looking, you will find just what you were looking for.

What are your views on this? Do you think it’s smart to Google your date?



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