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History Of Fellatio

The Ancient Greeks considered it degrading for both the giver and the receiver.

Don’t make him beg

This is a small point but it is an important one to start off with. Unless it is part of the kinky game you play, don’t make your partner beg for a blow job. When it comes to all things sexual unless you are doing something kinky things are always better if both parties seem into it. If your partner thinks that you are doing him a favor by going down on him and that you really do not want to be there it is going to be distracting and ultimately make the experience less enjoyable for them. Be spontaneous, be fun and be enthusiastic. Go down there on your own and your partner will have a much better time which is the whole reason your down there anyway, right?

The most important part of giving great blowjobs is loving to do it. Or at least make your man believe that you love it! Never hesitate when he ask or hints of it! Instead be hungry, dive for him, make love to him with your mouth! Not just suck, make love to his cock. Moan, smile, look in his eyes! Make your whole body show your love!

Do it when he don’t expect it!

In the kitchen when you are doing the dishes he sneaks up and gives you a hug. Try once to kneel and get it out and make love to it! Then go back to the dishes if he allows it!

When he watches TV, get down on your knees! Especially if you see a hard on growing.

Does he watch porn? Or porn surf? Then your place is between his legs so he don’t forget that you are the real one! Make love!

Get the Party Started

Mouth exercises can help you keep your lips from getting sore later on!

The nice thing about guys is that there is nothing that needs to get wet and nothing that really needs time. When it comes to a woman you have to have the right amount of foreplay in order to get her wet enough to do anything fun or you risk hurting her. The point of this is that if you pull your guys pants down and discover that he is not at his tallest don’t be afraid to jump right in and help it out. Odds are he’ll be hard before you even get your mouth around him. And if not, feeling a soft cock grow in your mouth is about as sexy as it gets! Wonderful!! So if you see a soft cock, open up and let it in! Start the blow job by taking the penis into your mouth. You don’t have to go real far in to begin with, just taking the head in to start will allow you to adjust to having a penis in your mouth as well as get him at his fullest. If you want to tease him or play games now is the best time to do so.

Be a Tease

Part of the fun in receiving a blow job is the anticipation. The anxious feeling and then relief you feel at the beginning of a blow job can be as good as the end of it sometimes. A good way to build this anxious anticipation is by teasing him at the start. This is best done by playing with his penis and hinting at what is to come without actually giving it to him. Sliding your tongue up and down the shaft of his penis, occasionally rubbing against the head for a minute or two before hand can really do the trick. There is no real formula for this just be creative and unpredictable. Try licking his inner thigh a little or licking his balls sack a bit. To get the proper relief though make sure you have a big finish. So for example if you keep licking up and down his shaft on the final lick just keep going and then take his penis into your wet and warm mouth. If you manage to surprise him it’ll be a real good way to start the show.


One way to make some men enjoy a ‘blow job’ is to CAREFULLY bite down on the head of the penis. As you get more and more into it try biting the head harder and also down the sides of the penis and even on the ball sack. Also try biting on the base of the shaft of the penis while it is in your mouth. There are many men who may not enjoy the feeling of biting or teeth, however, so if you try this make sure he is enjoying it or talk about it beforehand.

Everyone can use an extra hand

Alright, so you have teased him and covered your teeth now its time to get working. Take the penis into your mouth and begin sliding up and down taking it as far into your mouth as you can go. As you slide up and down try to keep his penis as wet as possible with your tongue, this will allow it to slide better. This is the point where a rhythmic pattern is better. Keep the same routine over and over again. A guy will orgasm best and fastest if you do the same up and down motion in a predictable fashion. Once you’ve been going for a minute or two increase tempo, this will help produce a better orgasm. What you do with your tongue is up to you. Odds are he will barely be able to feel whatever it is you do so just spend your time rubbing it on the most sensitive parts such as the tip.

Using your hand is a great way to increase the stimulation. Grab a hold of the bottom of the shaft and jerk him off in sync with your mouth. So when you go up move your hand up, when you go down move your hand down. By working more of the penis into the fun you will likely give him a harder orgasm.

There She Blows

All good things must come to an end and the same is true for blow jobs. If you have done your job right at some point he will be filling your delicate mouth with his warm semen. At this point you will be faced with a couple of options, spit or swallow. Spitting is pretty self explanatory as is swallowing for that matter. Although it may seem gross, the easiest way to get his juice out of your mouth is to swallow it down as it comes out. This will keep it in your mouth for the shortest period of time and he’ll almost certainly like it more.

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