Beauty Tip: How To Treat Back Acne or Pimples

Summer is coming and those backless shirts are in! Please take care of those black pimples.

How To Treat Back Acne or Pimples

Here’s how to keep those pesky pimples under control It’s happened so many times: You’re raring to wear that tube top on a hot day or night out, but one glance at your full-length mirror stops you in your tracks. You realize: You can’t – you just can’t. The reason? You have back acne! You know – those unsightly, unflattering, and uncomfortable pimples and rashes on the back (and even on your buttocks) that seemed to have magically sprouted out of nowhere.

Face Acne vs. Back Acne The cause of back acne is simple: When sebaceous glands produce excess oil, they clog pores, which in turn, attract bacteria. But unlike facial acne, back acne is not hereditary and is not caused by genetic disposition. So if your parents never suffered from back acne, it doesn’t mean you won’t.

Unfortunately, back acne is also a more stubborn kind of acne. This is because the skin on our back is thicker than facial skin (and skin anywhere else in the body) – making it more resistant to treatment.

Treat Back Acne With: A Back Facial – A professional back facial (done at a spa or at your derma) can clear up those zits. Just follow up with an at-home treatment. Wash your back with a salicylic acid soap which contains beta hydroxyl and other ingredients which exfoliate the skin.

Over-the-Counter Medications – Go to your nearest drugstore and get a cleanser that contains salicylic or glycolic acid or benzoyle peroxide (not suitable for thinner skin).

A Visit to the Derma – If you feel your back acne is taking a turn for the worse or if pus begins to form, see a dermatologist immediately. He or she can prescribe you the right treatment and medicine, tailored to what your skin needs.

Keep your Back in the Clear with these Tips: Don’t wear tight clothes. Give those skintight tees a rest. Too snug getups constrict skin, trap perspiration against your skin, and do not allow it to breathe. Opt for looser clothes, as well as tops made from 100 percent cotton.

Change your Sheets. Ideally, your bed sheets should be changed every week, especially if the weather is hot and humid. Aside from taking in all the dust that’s harmful to your skin, it’s the accumulated body oil that can clog up your pores.

Shower Immediately. Especially on hot days, after workouts, or any sweaty activity. You won’t just feel fresh – you’ll keep your back clean and oil-free too. When showering, avoid rich, fragrant soaps; use an oil-free body wash such as Neutrogena. (from glamourgirls)
Check your Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener. Some kinds may be irritating your skin. Try to alternate, and use different kinds to find out which is gentle enough for you.

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