Best foot foward

For the ladies that do go on national television representing the site.

First impressions mean something not everything, but keep your appearance in mind . Before you are given the opportunity to open your mouth and let your knowledge, wit, sense of humor and education speak for you, your looks will.

We here on BA have ATL SHAWTY and AIRBRUSH (formerly ANON) to give you makeup tips and help. Well, now I offer my expertise.

Remember that televsion will add approx 10lbs to your frame, if you are one twinkie away, wear sliming colors, don’t wear horizontal stripes, this widens. Spanx might be your best friend that day.

Everyone should make sure that your foundations fit correctly. 70% of women wear the wrong bra size. If you have four titties underneath your shirt, that is not cleavage. Your bra does not fit. Victoria’s Secret does free bra fitting. You can do this at home too.

Before you begin:
Stand up straight and breathe normally
Don’t measure over the top of bulky clothing
Wear the bra you feel most comfortable in
Use a cloth tape measure if possible.

Do this in fornt of a mirror.

Determining your Bra/Band size
(ribcage circumference measurement)
1.Measure around the chest directly under the breast with the cloth measuring tape. Add 5 inches to that measurement. This dimension is your bra/band size (If the bra size works out to an ODD number go up one inch to the next EVEN number.) This should equal the circumference around the chest, directly above the breasts/under the arms. (you can double check this number, by measuring around your back and up over your breast)

2.Now measure around the chest at the height of the fullest part of the breast. The measuring tape should be held horizontal, flat on your back. Make a note of that measurement (only used for comparison) and compare it to the Bra Size from step 1.
Determining your Cup size
(projection of breasts from chest wall)

3.To determine the proper Cup Size, find the difference between step 2 and step 1 (step 2 – step 1.) for example, if both numbers are the same, your an A cup, for each inch therafter go up one cup size.

Please, seamless underwear if not a thong, no panty lines.

Wear shoes you are comfortable in, none that have humps on top. And if they have stickers on the bottom, locate a straight razor and get to work, you don’t want to fold your legs like the lady you are, and expose your forgotten price tag. i.e Latoya Luckett video “She Don’t”

When you sit down, no one should be able to see your panties.

Stay away from busy patterns, Pucci may very well be your favorite designer, but with the set decoration and everyone else sitting next to you, you do not want to make everyone dizzy, and you may think that your standing out, but in a situation like this, you risk blending in.

Please no cheap accessories, by that I mean, gold that is changing, plastic red or yellow bangles ect.

These people are interested in us women, because they have sensed our presence. It is more than just talking the part, but looking it as well. Many have pre-judged us anyway. We see the outpour of hate from lurkers enough.

These are basic suggestions. I can go into more detail , pm if you need more help or suggestions.

Congratulations BALLER ALERT!

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