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Blac Chyna Snatches Wendy Williams’ Wig; Calls Her A “P Body A*s Ho”

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Wendy Williams is known to be highly opinionated and often times harsh. However, Blac Chyna is in the growing list of celebrities who have had enough.


Wendy Williams has commented on Blac Chyna and her relationship with Rob Kardashian quite a few times. Unfortunately for the talk show host, Chyna has finally had enough.


Recently Wendy discussed Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian and Chyna’s mother, Tokyo Toni,  on her daytime talk show. “I really do love Rob and for those of us who’ve been there since the beginning, when Rob was thin, when Rob was smarter,” Williams told her live audience. “When Rob had more confidence, when Rob was dating Adrienne Bailon and he just seemed to be a different kind of guy.”


She also referred to Chyna as a woman who “comes from the pole” and said that her relationship with Rob was a come up. “It’s very fun to watch she and her mom Tokyo Toni come up off of the backs of people who don’t see through their ruse,” Williams said.


She then offered Rob some words of advice: “Put some bass in your voice and don’t let her run over you,” she said, speaking directly to Kardashian. “It’s not attractive.”


Chyna didn’t take kindly to Wendy’s comments, so she took to Instagram Saturday afternoon to let her have it.


Read Blac Chyna’s entire drag session below.


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