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Back Up Beyonce, Blue Coming Through: Black Twitter Stans The Heir To The Carter Throne

A wise woman once said, ‘God made his favorite people Capricorn,” and by default, I’d have to agree. But, with the emergence of the eldest Carter heir, we really have no choice but to stan the Capricorn queen. 

Although Blue Ivy’s rise to superstardom was inevitable- given her parents’ celebrity status, her ability to successfully snatch our edges – at such a young age – was surprising to say the least. 

It all started back in 2017, when Blue showed off her skills on her father’s 4:44 album, letting everyone know that she’s “never seen a ceiling” in her whole life. Then there were the recitals and the corny jokes with her grandma, Tina Knowles, but it wasn’t until last week that we knew for sure that lil Blue did not come to play, but she came to slay. 

During the world premiere of ‘The Lion King,’ Blue posed with her mother, Beyonce, and ultimately left everyone edgeless in the process. As the photo surfaced of Blue with one hand on her hip and a smize for the gawds, Black Twitter officially crowed the new queen, Blue Ivy. 

“Blue Ivy ft. That girl from destiny child,” one twitter user wrote, sharing a photoshopped picture of pint-sized Bey next to a bigger Blue.

“Blue Ivy is seven years old and already a model, chorographer, comedienne, dancer, producer, makeup artist, and executive I just-“ crissle wrote, while another said, “Blue Ivy Carter and her assistant, Beyonce.” 

As the days passed, the admiration grew. 

“Parkwood gave Beyonce a budget, she really got THE BLUE IVY Carter on the album,” one user said, referencing Blue’s feature on Beyonce’s ‘Lion King’ album. “Blue Ivy really let Beyonce cola with her, the Charity.” 

But on Tuesday, when Beyonce premiered her music video for ‘Spirit,” which featured Blue Ivy in a red wig, that was it. 

“Redhair Blue Ivy just saved 2019,” a user said. “I hope blue ivy is having a great day,” another added. “Blue Ivy’s work ethic is implacable. When are the twins starting their own careers?” 

Even Vanity Fair got in on the love, writing, “Blue Ivy is the queen of the Lion King roll out,” while Global Grind tweeted, “Protect Blue Ivy at all costs.” 

Another wrote, “Blue Ivy Carter. That’s it. That’s the tweet.” 

So that settles it, can we officially launch the Blue Ivy hive? What are we going to be called?

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