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Can You Afford To Drink With the Ballers? World’s Priciest Cocktails

Mai Tai The Merchant Hotel



In Merchant Hotel beverage manager Sean Muldoon’s possession is a bottle of Wray & Nephew 17-year-old rum that was a key ingredient for “Trader Vic” Bergeron’s original Mai Tai. Six bottles are in circulation, but only this one is available for public consumption. Hurry up–there’s enough rum in the bottle to prepare 18 cocktails, and three have been served to date.

High Roller Martini The Capital Grille, Las Vegas


This pinstripe restaurant chain boasts a $1,000 martini for each of its 27 locales, each paired with a different piece of Lagos jewelry. The Gotham Martini comes with a strand of pearls; the High Roller, named for the Vegas Strip, includes a diamond pave ring. For each cocktail sold, about $500 goes to Share our Strength, a charity that battles hunger around the globe.

The Red Ruby Reserve, Chicago


This inventive cocktail may possess a one-carat, A-grade red ruby, but don’t expect a burst of grapefruit when you sip. This combination of Grey Goose L’Orange vodka, Hypnotiq, orange juice, Pama pomegranate liqueur and Dom Perignon champagne is far more sophisticated than a Sea Breeze.

The Bentley Sidecar The London NYC

New York


This drink isn’t on the menu at this swank midtown bar, but it’s available upon request. Beverage manager Duncan Halden calls his “a luxe English twist” on the classic drink from the Paris Ritz. It features Hennessy Ellipse super-premium cognac–poured from a decanter, which is specially designed by Tomas Bastide, a designer at Baccarat–and Grand Marnier 150.

The Ritz Sidecar Bar Hemingway

Hotel Ritz, Paris


This is the actual birthplace of the sidecar, a drink that was created to take the chill off for a regular customer who arrived by motorcycle with sidecar. Former keeper of the Guinness World Record for the most expensive cocktail, it starts with extremely rare 1865 Ritz Reserve cognac, made from grapes that were on the vine before the devastating phylloxera infestation of the 1860s. Only a few bottles remain.

Sword Martinis Jambu’s Bar in the Raffles Resort
Canouan Island, Grenadines


You could buy a souvenir T-shirt. Or you could bring home a 14-karat-gold handmade sword the size of a swizzle stick. The resort offers four different “theme” martinis, each armed with its corresponding sword, from samurai to Excalibur. Real collectors’ items, or as one customer put it: “very expensive toothpicks.”

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